Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Part IV - Home IS Where the Heart is!

So, for this guide, I decided not to go through explanations of each choice. The following have click through links below for shopping. They are largely very reasonably priced and mostly unisex. They're loosely themed around the home for those people who want to be surrounded by beautiful things.

I will say that some personal faves are the teapot and cup from Carolyn Donnelly for Dunnes Stores which retail at twelve and two euro respectively. I'm planning on buying these for myself as I'm loving the tea ceremony vibe. And they're so pretty!

The Buffy lunchbox is pretty major, right? And, at $15 dollars, it won't break the bank.

The DIY Ukulele from Urban Outfitters is a cool idea for music lovers and I'm sure Daniel would love it. I, however, would not love how distracted I'm sure it would make him.

I love sentimental gifts so the Happy Jackson 'Hello Beautiful' case is perfect. It's nice to remind the people we love about how great they are. Motivation!

I actually love all these gift ideas. Any favourites yourselves? Hope you're enjoying these guides. Christmas cuddles, C x

Wide-Eyed and Blind Gift Guide - Home

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