Saturday, 21 December 2013

DIY - Cute Candle Jar.

Looking for something easy and sweet to make and give to loved ones? These painted jars male great homes for scented candles and tea lights and are super-easy to make. They can also be customised to the person you're giving it to. So, here I break it down.

1. Grab yourself some jars - any size or shape will do! Clean it out and the label off the outside. Dry.

2. Gather together your supplies. 

Acrylic paint (it dries quickly enough but slow enough to alter mistakes)
Paint brushes

3.  Lay down your newspaper to avoid making a mess. Take some paper and cut out shapes if you want to stencil designs on.

4. Mix colours to your own desires.

5. Paint on your stencilled designs or paint free hand. If using stencils, tape one down at a time, cover the area with paint and allow to dry. Remove stencil and add more designs once dry. If you go over lines, use the tissue to clean them up.

6. If painting free hand, you can paint it all in one go.

7. Placing the hand inside the jar and painting allows you to pivot the jar to paint with greater ease.

8. Painting the top and bottom give the design greater depth. Do one at a time and allow to dry in between.

9. Once dry, place candles, sweets or a mixture of both inside. 

10. Light the candles and admire!

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