Sunday, 2 December 2012

Durer Street Style.

This is me studying. (Okay, so not technically the making of Durer Street Style images but engaging with the history of images.)

Yes, I do this on a full-time basis. I get to surround myself with the best of humanity daily.

Just finished editing an essay on prints in Northern Europe c. 1480-1550 and that meant lots of reading about Durer. I especially enjoyed the book below - the production costs must have been astronomical but it's so worth it, huge, full-page images in colour and of the most amazing quality.

I've always loved his work, there's something beautiful and yet dark and tortured about him. His self-portraits are particularly intriguing and seem all the more relevant to a world which is now all about the individual, "selfies" and expressing ourselves. They can be somewhat painful to look at as his aspirations, hopes and motives seem so terribly obvious - they're almost too honest and revealing. 

However, he does show himself to be a particularly stylish man. Check out the 'do and fur coat below, held together at the breast almost à la Jil Sander.

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