Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chanel Pre A/W 2013


This collection is something special. I haven't been this in love in a while. It seems the pres are where Karl is at his most eccentric and genius. 

The little girl in me is giddy. I was never a particularly girly child but I dare even the most "macho" of men to look at this collection and resist the urge to don a tiara. It's so very princessy! Clearly, the collection is inspired by royal or court costume of various periods and Scottish heritage. CHANEL + PLAID + HISTORICAL INSPIRATION MAKES ME HAPPY. I'm sorry, I'm just quite excited. You've probably noticed. 

Delicate, pointy shoes.
Stompy boots.
Jewel embellishment.
Plaids and tartans.

It's like visual poetry, non?

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