Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Tree Designer Collabs.

This week saw artists Damien Hirst's collab with label The Row and the Claridge's annual designer collaboration on their Christmas tree. Begs the question, what will a designer have a hand in making next? I mean, there was a Gucci car, for fricksake. But in the Claridge's case I think the combination of beauty + industry-leading expert hand + Christmasness combines in the bestive way possible. Yes, "bestive", you heard it here first.

In the past designers such as Galliano and Elbaz have decorated the tree and this year's guest designer is Kelly Ellis, founder of McQueens Florist. This is interesting as the difference of approach compared to that of the fashion designers is quite apparent with the emphasis on a more traditional way of decorating an, admittedly, non-traditional tree. The whole effect is striking but a little more simple and pared back.

Can't wait to put up my own tree - it'll probably be a slightly simpler affair. (Shout-out to Nez who inspired this post by getting me "in the mood"...for Christmas) - 2009 - Galliano - 2009 - Galliano - 2010 - Galliano - 2010 - Galliano - 2011 - Elbaz - 2011 - Elbaz
Claridge's Facebook Page - 2012 - Ellis

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