Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Irish Launch of the Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay Palette

It's here! Or, almost, anyway.

Today was the Irish press preview of the highly anticipated Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay collab. The first celebrity collab from the brand and the first of multiple collabs now planned with Stefani. In fact, if you get your hands on the palette on Wednesday when it launches here (there's already a 5,000 people strong waiting list as it is) you'll find out that there are already more products from the pairing on the horizon. Well, actually, you don't need the palette for that news, I did just tell you...either way, come January 2016, we'll also be able to get our hands on Gwen x UD lipsticks as well!

Exciting stuff!

But back to the matter at hand. The palette.

I really wanted to get my hands on it, in general, but esp to play around with and swatch. It's kinda hard to tell what things are really like when you only see pictures online. I wanted to explore the fifteen shades of this gorgeous gold-packaged palette.

12 shades are brand new with Stefani naming them and helping get the shades and textures right - and, boy, did she! Blonde (a light champagne shimmer shade perfect for over the whole lid or as a highlight), in particular, is one of the most creamy, finely milled, lovely eyeshadows that I have ever touched. Three shades are pre-existing Urban Decay favourites of Stefani's - Blackout, Stark and Skimp - which demonstrate her genuine belief in, and love for, the brand. She's not just putting her name to this, she really loves the products.

All of the shades are named after elements of Stefani's life and career and most are wearable neutrals, inspired by the kind of make-up she would really wear. However, there are pops of lovely colour that nod to particular things and moments from Stefani's life. 1987, for example, is a true gold and is inspired by the year No Doubt formed. Harajuku, meanwhile, is inspired by Stefani's love for Japanese style and looks uber-bubblegum but swatches pretty and subtle. Danger is another favourite shade of mine which is a rich navy blue with micro-sparkles that applies super-pigmented and rich and does blue the right way - and not in a horrible eighties flashback kind of way.

With fifteen fullsize eyeshadows that multi-task - Blackout as a liner, Harajuku as a blush, the pale tones as highlights, Punk for the brows - and gorgeous, solid, compact packaging, this is one palette that is both good value and a good investment. These are shades you'll wear and something you'll toss in a bag for travel as it'll cover many bases. At €46.00 (RRP), it's a bit of a steal.

Available in Debenhams and House of Fraser from December 3rd 2015.

Plus, who doesn't want to channel Stefani. Ultimate goals etc.

PS. But, srsly, I LOVE HER.



















(A Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay palette was gifted to me as a press sample. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.)

Thanks to Urban Decay, Róisín and the gang from L'Oréal Group for having me. Just having a casual lunch in the Penthouse of The Spencer Hotel. As you do.


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