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12 Days of Giftmas - Lush ¦ Giveaway

On the first of Giftmas my true love gave to me, beauty gifts that are cruelty free...

Lush is probably a regular haunt for a large proportion of my readers and will, no doubt, already be a destination for at least some of your Christmas shopping. However, I thought it would be the best place for me to begin my 12 Days of Giftmas, not as somewhere new for gift ideas but somewhere with great gift options for different price points and people.

"But what, pray tell, might this 12 Days of Giftmas be?" you're probably asking.


Good question. The 12 Days of Giftmas is a project that occurred to me last week. An idea that I ambitiously decided to go through with very last minute - I must be a lunatic. It's a sort of advent calendar for me and my readers, a way of saying thank you for reading and rewarding you in a small way. For the first 12 days of December, I will be writing a post every day on a shop, brand or item that would make good gifts. This is instead of the long gift ideas posts I've done in the past and offers a more in-depth look at some amazing companies and things. To complement each post, I've also teamed up with these fantastic brands and will be giving something away each day! So, the 12 Days of Giftmas will give you some gift ideas and the potential to win something for a loved one (or yourself!).

Lush presents a lot of gift options. The regular Christmas line has lots of lovely festive-themed products to choose from to act as stocking fillers, gifts to yourself, items to personalise a hamper or care package or just regular gifts for fans of the brand. Particular highlights have to be the festive bath bombs and bubble bars with Dashing Santa, Butterbear, Golden Wonder and the Five Gold Rings bubble bars being personal favourites. Five Gold Rings is especially nice as a gift as it's five baths worth of bubbles in one and relatively inexpensive compared to other baths bombs and bubble bars. It costs €6.95 for those five uses (or one if you're feeling luxurious, I guess) versus five or six quid for an item that can only be used once or twice and requires cutting up for multiple uses.





Another item from the Christmas lines which caught my eye is the Snowman Shower Jelly. I've never used a shower jelly before but they seem fun and this one is in the shape of a snowman! So cute! At €5.45, it's a great stocking filler (though it'll leak a little so don't throw it in with other gifts willy-nilly).


Similarly, the lip tints are perfect to chuck into a stocking. Natural, with extraordinary lasting power (stuck with me through two glasses of mulled wine, party food, cake and a glass of champagne during the Toy Show) and vegan, they also have the added bonus of coming in a new tube format that is wayyy handier than the old pots. I was also suckered in by the name; Santa Baby Lip Tint (€8.25) goes on glossyish, dries matte but doesn't dry out your lips and is a lovely light but bright red shade. I highly recommend it.



I'd also recommend the Santa's Lip Scrub (€7.25) which I didn't purchase purely because I bought one from the Valentine's line that doesn't even have a dent in it after all these months. Seriously good stuff for rejuvenating winter-ravaged lips, this is a great gift idea for that pal with permanently chapped lips.

Then we get to the actual gift sets, of which there are many and there is a great variety of types and price points. They're also great as they already come wrapped up and ready to go! One of the starter levels is the Little Snow Fairy. At €11.95 with a Pink Fun and Snow Fairy Shower Gel, it's a nice gift for younger people who don't have a lot of money to spend, for Secret Santas with small spending limits and as a stocking stuffer.


A similar level gift but in more sophisticated packaging and scents for a, perhaps, older audience or someone not into candy-like smells, is Joy To The World (€13.95) which has the Love and Light Handcream and Yog Nog Soap inside - a nice idea for anyone who works with their hands and who might need a little pampering.


The Butterbear Tin (€21.50) set is SUPER-cute and comes with six Butterbear Bath bombs inside. It's also easily opened, unlike some of the other gift sets, and you can pop in some extra bits and customise it as you please. This is one of my favourites of all the sets which is why I chose it to give away! Read on to the end to learn how you can get your hands on it!


If you're sending a gift to a loved one abroad, the Merry and Bright (€21.95) gift set is perfect for this! I've been assured it only costs around €5 to post from Ireland to most of Europe and it contains a Beautiful Shower Gel, Rub Rub Rub Solid Scrub and Celebrate Body Lotion. A nice little surprise for someone who can't make it home or a penpal (do people have those anymore?), perhaps?


Comfort and Joy (€28.50), meanwhile, is considered a good unisex option - if you're gendering smells. It's also a nice pampering gift with two shower gels, a soap and body lotion inside.

And, if you're buying for someone with a body in need of pampering with baths but an adventurous spirit, the Human Cannonball (€33.95) is a must. Packaged in a tube which opens with a bang and confetti, it cannot legally be sold to under sixteens due to the fact that it has a minor explosive in it! This alone makes me want it! It also comes with five bath bombs inside so there's some substance to the gimmick.


It's Christmas Deer (€37.50) is another retro, adorable tin with lotions, bath bombs, bubble bars, soap and shower gels inside and it is seriously cute. While Christmas Wishes (€47.50) goes a step even further with the cute and is a tin in the shape of a carousel with turns, plays a melody and tells a story about the items included. It's something you'll keep forever and would be lovely for kids and nostalgia-prone adults alike.



And now we get to the big gifts. The ones for when you seriously love someone. These are the gifts that will induce squealing, hugging and cheek (maybe even mouth) kisses. The 12 Days of Christmas (€72.50) is the beauty advent calendar we all want with 12 lovely Lush bits included. This is for someone you want to spoil in the run up to Christmas, as well as on the big day itself. Wow! (€220.00) is what it says on the box - this extravaganza of Lush goodies includes bath bombs, lotions, shower gels, shower jellies, body lotions, dusting powders, body scrubs, lip tints and more. This is for the Lush fanatic in your life.










...woo. Hopefully, you've gotten some gift ideas after all that! But let's get to the important part - the giveaway! Here's the deets:

1. Sadly, I can only keep my giveaways open to Ireland this time around. I apologise to those who might disappointed but I have to keep the generous brands that I'm working with in mind!
2. The prize is one Butterbear Tin.
3. All you need to do is comment below with who you'd give it to - or if you want it for yourself! However, you must be following me on at least one platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin', Tumblr), let me know which one in the comment!
4. Competition closes a week from now on the 8th of December 2015 at midnight Irish time.
5. Winners will be chosen at random.
6. I will then comment below the winner's comment and ask you to email my official blog email address.





And that's it! Good luck and see you again tomorrow for the next brand and giveaway!


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  1. If I won I'd give this to one of my fave bears <3

  2. I'd give this to my Mammy :) I just love my Mammy so much it makes my cry sometimes. I really hope that I secure this for her because I love her so much, in fact if I faced the undesirable outcome I think it would lead to the total ruination of my Christmas and dare I say it, my entire life. Furthermore I think if that teacher won it I would have no reason to question the purpose of life any more for the staggering quantity of empirical evidence would suggest that intelligent life exists only to be tortured by the conscious knowledge of impending doom.
    I hope I win though, good luck moi ;) xxx :) ;)

  3. Facebook :) I would give it my little girl for working so hard in school :)

    1. Hey Amy, you're our winner! Could you email me at fitzpac2@gmail.com so we can sort out the details. Best, C

    2. whoooo just emailed you there now :)