Tuesday, 8 December 2015

12 Days of Giftmas - MyLadyBug ¦ Giveaway

On the eighth day of Giftmas my true love gave to me, a subscription plan to help me survive monthly...

I've previously written a post about MyLadyBug and about how much I loved the concept - i.e. a monthly period subscription box that delivers the essentials to your door (so you won't get caught out unprepared - how annoying is that?!) plus some treats to make the whole thing a little bit better. That was four months ago and, since then, I've kept up the service. I try a lot of things for the blog and while I often genuinely love many products and services that I get to try, I can't continue to buy every thing that I receive a sample of once it runs out - I'd go bankrupt! I never give something a positive review if it doesn't deserve it but I also don't fork out my own cash for everything either. Which means that anything I continue with is something I really, really love. MyLadyBug is one of those things. It's made my life easier, opened up really great dialogues and actually made me closer with some of the women around me. Plus, it made me and my BFF have one of the best laughs we've had in a while.

I could go on forever in this vein but, suffice it to say: though it may seem a strange gift idea, I had to include MyLadyBug in the 12 Days of Giftmas!

"But what, pray tell, might this 12 Days of Giftmas be?" you're probably asking.

If you didn't read yesterday's post about Willow, let me explain it again!

The 12 Days of Giftmas is a project that occurred to me last week. An idea that I ambitiously decided to go through with very last minute - I must be a lunatic. It's a sort of advent calendar for me and my readers, a way of saying thank you for reading and rewarding you in a small way. For the first 12 days of December, I will be writing a post every day on a shop, brand or item that would make good gifts. This is instead of the long gift ideas posts I've done in the past and offers a more in-depth look at some amazing companies and things. To complement each post, I've also teamed up with these fantastic brands and will be giving something away each day! So, the 12 Days of Giftmas will give you some gift ideas and the potential to win something for a loved one (or yourself!).

Okay, so a period subscription box, as I said, may seem like a strange gift idea but, actually, it's kind of genius. You have a forgetful pal? The type that runs out of milk or toilet paper or pads and agonises over their own stupidity? It's perfect for them (though you might want to phrase why you've given it to them a little differently...). How about a really close BFF or roommate that knows everything about you? It'll show how open you really are. Bonus cute-points if your cycles have synced (that's a joke but also not). And if you know someone who really suffers from their period, it might be a nice idea to cheer them up just a little. There's plenty of people who'd appreciate it, once they get over the initial shock. In fact, several of my friends have since signed up for the service so I know they would have appreciated a subscription as a gift.

The Irish start-up have considered everything so it really is a great, super-handy service. It's tailored to you, you just begin by choosing if you want pads or tampons or both and then choose the brands (they stock Tampax, Always and Lil-Lets) and types of your liking. Then you input your address and details and they post it all out to you!

They've also just recently partnered with Veeda, a company that makes all-natural cotton, hypoallergenic, synthetic free, dye free, chemical free pads and tampons. Which means those interested in a more natural lifestyle, worried about TTS or irritation or who have sensitive skin will be catered for now as well!

Subscriptions are dispatched monthly on the 19th-21st and you should allow up to 5 days for delivery The packaging is designed to fit in most letter-boxes and is also both cute and discrete. So, if you're someone who is still a wee bit shy about periods and such, your postperson is unlikely to know what they're delivering. The re-billing period for your next delivery then takes place between the 31st and 1st after you receive your first box. You can opt in to pay month by month or pre-pay for three, six and twelve months with discount rates.

My discount code has also been reactivated for the month of December if you wanna try MyLadyBug out. Just head to MyLadyBug and use the code, "CBLOG", at the checkout to get 15% off! (But bear in mind that this discount code is only applicable to the monthly plan.)

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Which brings me to the giveaway. If you want to try the service for yourself or give it to someone as a gift, I'm giving away a 3 month subscription! To enter, just read the details below.

1. Sadly, I can only keep my giveaways open to Ireland this time around. I apologise to those who might disappointed but I have to keep the generous brands that I'm working with in mind!
2. The prize is one 3 Month Subscription Plan from MyLadyBug.
3. All you need to do is comment below here or on Facebook with who you'd give it to - or if you want it for yourself! However, you must be following me on at least one platform (FacebookInstagramTwitter, Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin'Tumblr), let me know which one in the comment if it's not obvious!
4. Competition closes a week from now on the 15th of December 2015 at midnight Irish time.
5. Winners will be chosen at random.
6. I will then comment below the winner's comment and ask you to email my official blog email address.

And that's that! Good luck and see you again tomorrow for the next brand and giveaway!

(Thanks to Maryrose and MyLadyBug for working with me for this post!)


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  1. So cool! Would defo keep for maself :)

    1. Hey Rebecca, you're our winner! 'grats! If you could contact me at fitzpac2@gmail.com, we can sort out the deets. Best, C

  2. I'd keep for myself! Such a depressing time of the month, this would be nice :)