Sunday, 27 October 2013

Loving: Royal shoots that leave me feeling flushed.

This November, you can pick up two different Vogues with royalty-themed shoots. Vogue Australia features a spread on Cara Delvingne, or Queen Cara, by Benny Horne. The idea of her sudden enthronement in the last few years as fashion royalty is taken in a literal direction but a wonderful one. Dolce kind of made us all go crazy for dressing like princesses again and I have to admit at my child-like giddiness. I love, love, love these shoots! The editorial in Vogue Japan is, understandably more haute, more experimental and so eerily beautiful with Nadja Bender being photographed by Camilla Akrans looking like a bored and listless princess. Each shot is like a work of art. And those interiors? DANG. Perv at the shots below.

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