Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Harper's Bazaar - I'm liking your taste in...well, everything.

Grimes + Angel Haze + Lagerfeld + Roitfeld = a singularly perfect combination of fashion and It-Girl elements in order to produce a spread entitled "Singular Beauty - An Homage to the Diversity of Women" for the September 2013 issue of Harper's.

The two musicians were among a host of amazing women from various industries that came together to make the piece. And, no offence, to the others but they were the figures of most interest to me. Aside from the fact that I'm a major fan of the music of both, I also love the styling going down for both - especially Angel Haze. That is some awesome androgyny right there. Sharp.

However, I do think the baseball cap with the Saint Laurent look on Grimes is rather inspired. Who would have guessed that it would work so well?

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