Friday, 30 August 2013

My excitement for the new KARA album is in Full Bloom!

I'm majorly excited for the sound and look of KARA's upcoming album "Full Bloom". So much amazingness in one preview! I mean, the androgynous suiting? DYING. And the Dolce (actually Dolce or no? I can't find any info online!) looks? Perfect. The contrast between friggin' princess attire and white dresses and sharp suits makes for an interesting look for the album. The wardrobe and its more cohesive nature seem to match the snippets of the sounds we've been getting. KARA have always been great but these songs seem to up the ante. It's all very sharp, put together and on point.

Girls, you're looking and sounding hot.

Also: can you say SPARKLY?

And a song from the album!

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