Monday, 29 July 2013

Gothic Revival

...I mean the architecture, obviously. Not quite sure where the outfit falls...I'm crazy about the building I'm pictured in front of - it's my local church and I did my dissertation on its architect, John Bourke. No one had really studied him before so mine was the first in-depth study of his career which was pretty cool. They've even put my work on file in The Irish Architectural Archive!

But back to the outfit. If I had to give you its recipe it'd be one part grunge revival, one part punk and about 100 parts Colette. Such a quintessentially me outfit - comfort, black, oversize on top and skinny on bottom and minimal accessories with a nod to my musical roots. 

I had forgotten how fun outfit posts were - expect a little more of them from now on (hopefully)! Woop!



994545_590100601040273_660016542_n (1)




Tee - Urban Outfitters - Pants - Zara - Sunglasses - Topshop - Boots - New Look - Clutch and wristband - Self-made

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