Sunday, 14 July 2013

Manic about MANIAMANIA

Lookbooks now rival editorials on a regular basis. It's not just making the clothes look good and buyable. It's an artform, a mood. I am LOVING MANIAMANIA's Autumn 2013 lookbook. The campaign is comprised of stills and a vid inspired by 1930s actress Theda Bara (known for her gothic tendencies) and star Ruby Jean Wilson. The video, with its use of witchy animals such as owls and snakes has reminded some of Harry Potter or anything witch-like, but the stills remind me more of dutch painting. The lighting and still life elements wouldn't be amiss in 16th century oils and momenti morii such as grapes are included. There's a dark, sad beauty about the images that I'm crazy for.

So much so, that I almost overlooked the jewellery being showcased itself. Almost. It would so fit in my wardrobe.

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