Friday, 24 February 2017

LFW AW17 - Day III

I do apologise for the delay in the rest of these posts, on this day, I went to evening shows and they are always more like parties. As such, I was wiped when I got home and couldn't face writing the day up and the next day I flew home in the evening. It's been a bit hectic, to say the least.

Saturday and Sunday were my busiest days and by the time I got to the Sunday, my legs hurt and feet were blistered, typical fashion week fatigue. I know the serious fash pack are probably chauffeured and all that but I still can't imagine doing fashion month - I barely get through the week! Although, if anyone wants to pay me to do the month, I'd stifle my complaints somehow...

Day three began with me scooting in to the Felicities PR Press Lounge first thing to pick up an Olympus Pen to play around with. I was really excited to try it out and direly fell in love with the thing over the course of the day. Once I had signed the camera out, I had to rush on to my first show of the day, which was THEO VII STUDIO; a collection of neat tailoring, careful layering, a restrained neutral palette and unexpected pops of sunny yellows.

Next was the Haluminous presentation and I was totally into the creepy but romantic vibe that saw an acrobatic model perform under red lights in a circle of flowers, twisting unnaturally, as the rest of the troop came out and stumbled around her, before lining up on stage. The story that guided the presentation was of a kind of cult of young women who longed to abandon their human bodies in favour of the simplicity of becoming flowers. I was totally into the red and black colour scheme, dressed-up hoodie aesthetic and slick, edgy styling, as well as the theatrical presentation. And I was obsessed with the story and my desire to know if it was inspired by Booker Prize Winner Han Kang's The Vegetarian, I saw the designer, Ms Kim, very briefly and wanted to ask her about it and sate my curiosity but she quickly disappeared and I missed my chance...

Continuing my quick dash of the day, I pottered on to the Annderstand show that was all slick tailoring, sexy cocktail dresses and elegant trenches. Not quite a wardrobe for me or my life but smoky, edgy and cool. From there, I ran like a lunatic for public transport to get to Central Saint Martins for the Jamie Wei Huang show. I've loved the brand for several seasons now and I was delighted to finally be around for one of their shows. I was even gladder to be met with a cocktail and a "boobie" steamed bun from Bao (admittedly, the bun looking so like a boob actually threw me off) after all the running around. The distinct use of primary shades was present as per plus extra-long sleeves, sixties silhouettes and prints, turtle-necks and killer clunky-heeled boots.

Suddenly, after all the chaos, I had a six hour break so I met friends for a late lunch and another for cocktails before meeting yet another to bring to my final show of the day: Kristian Aadnevik. We sipped champagne, chatted and then took in all the dresses designed for lives much more Gossip Girl than ours would ever be.

And once we got home (it was a friend I was staying with) we sat around chatting before I fell into bed to do it all over again the next day.




























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