Saturday, 18 February 2017

LFW AW17 - Day II

Today, things started early and hurried. I dashed into the Paula Knorr presentation where she was serving up an essay on the creative process and spangled, vibrant garments - not to mention a gig and collab with experimental pop duo MADSIUSOVANDA. Then I scooted right along to CECI where the palette was decidedly more muted; all navy and black billowing satin, restraint, denim, super-wide-legged pants and cropped faux fur. To cap off the morning, I hurried along to Sabinna's ode to first loves. Little bouquets sat on the seats for the first few rows and things like "be mine or go away" were scrawled across garments and under the eyes of the models. And the clothes? Romantic, corseted, hand-crocheted flowers, silk, velvet, dungarees, embroidered coats and pretty dresses. Love's young dream but with a twist, a little cooler and more than just pretty.

Lunch was prolonged and leisurely and spent with my best childhood friend. It took up the next three hours but it felt like only a moment and then I was back in another queue, waiting for another show. Said show was Katie Ann McGuigan, a young Irish designer that sent swaggeringly confident and vibrant technicolour down jackets, leather dresses, oversize knits and sweeping coats (and a cloak). Upon leaving and grabbing a tea, I came to the realisation that my next to shows were too close in time and far apart in distance to make it to both. As my feet ached, I chose the closer of the two. When I met Trinity students and we bonded over my alma mater, in the line for the next show, it made the forty-five minute wait a little easier to bear - though it was hard to ignore the fact that I definitely could have made it to the other show and back given the extra wait. But the wait was very much worth it as Han Wen's collection is my favourite I saw at LFW this season, so far. Edgy, cool, full of leather, flowing bell-bottoms, trailing ribbons, bold colours and on it styling: it's basically as cool as I want to be and look in a collection.

Right, my eyes are almost falling out of my head. Halfway through now....




















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