Thursday, 22 September 2016

LFW SS17 - Day V

The final day of LFW was relatively quiet for me and it was necessary! I had never attended for the full five days before and keeping up the pace of seeing shows, navigating the city and meeting friends was quite intense.

After saying goodbye to my lovely friend and host, Nez, I headed in to Brewer Street Carpark, the LFW hub, for a hair appointment with Toni and Guy. Lucy, who did my hair, was incredibly sweet and the whole experience was a nice foil to the sweaty, tiring trip I'd had in to Central London that morning. We decided to cut a proper fringe in, instead of the cautious, half-there one I'd had done before. I'm still getting used to the finished product and, as it's the first time I've had a fringe since I was ten or eleven, it kind of feels like I'm wearing a wig every time I look in the mirror. I have to learn how to style it properly but I really like the result.

Once I'd had my hair done, I made my way over to the Aspinal of London store on Bond Street to have the notebook I'd been gifted personalised with my initials and, on the way back, went in search of the Supreme store in Soho. Sadly, the store and its stock was small and limited and the search prolonged - it is rather hard to find on the map.

At this point I was starving and it was getting on in the day so I headed back to Brewer Street and had lunch in the press area before heading up to the Sid Neigum show, my last of the season. Neigum presented a lovely palate cleanser to finish things off and the press packs featured a note that proclaimed "less is always more". In terms of palette, this was definitely the case, largely being monochrome, with the odd pop of vibrant colour. Restraint vibrated off the entire collection. Draping, a-symmetry, pulling, nipping, tucking and exaggerating all transformed basic shirts and dresses into something a little fresher, while remaining wearable and easy. This easiness translated to a certain sexiness - a girl not trying too hard, relaxed and luxurious. The collection as a whole was something I could get down with but there were moments that made me a little dubious - a shapeless jumpsuit in a fabric that resembled a softer, metallic burlap and a black jacket that bore an uncanny likeness to melted plastic. If we overlook these moments, however, Neigum gave us an offering that was much more minimalist and restrained than most of what went down runways this season and stuck out amid all of the sporty, throwback, vibrant noise elsewhere. And, much as I like a lot of that noise, I can't deny that it was a pleasant break.

After that I took a bus to Victoria, a train to Gatwick and spent my evening eating a leisurely dinner in Wagamama before hopping on my flight home where I'm very much glad to be. I love Fashion Week but being in London always reminds me of how much I love the relatively quieter and calmer pace of life and intimate atmosphere of Dublin. Until next season!










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