Monday, 19 September 2016

LFW SS17 - Day III

Day three was like the inversion of day two. It was a lazy Sunday in the truest sense and, like the day before, I had just one show to attend but this time it was an evening show.

The day was spent brunching in my friend Nez's house with old housemates and once again being blown away by her exceptional cooking and hosting skills as we all caught up and dug into scrambled eggs, sourdough bread, avocados, butterbeans in a tomato sauce, fried spiralised potatoes, ginger and orange juice and pancakes - a stack of which were decorated with candles as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

Then I went to the Brick Lane Market with another bunch of pals and spent the day browsing through clothes, being weirded out by a taxidermied mouse in a nurse costume, eating lots, hanging out in coffee shops that were way too loud and randomly really getting into MotoGP in a pub.

It was at this point that I had to excuse myself, say goodbye and head to my show. Cue several Underground stations being located, manic running around London with a map, sweating on the Underground and arriving a half hour late. Luckily the show was also running a half hour late.

Kristian Aadnevik showcased a collection that was sure to please his clientele. I have no doubt that, as per, supermodels will be photographed in his garmemts and they'll look every inch of the goddesses that he sent down the runway last night. Pretty, dramatic, sexy, eye-catching, they are clothes for confident women and it is apparent that the designer loves and admires women and wants to make them shine.

Are they entirely to my personal taste? Not as such but, then again, my red carpet moments are few and nonexistent.











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