Wednesday, 27 April 2016

REVIEW: Viviscal - Gorgeous Growth Densifiying Range

As much as I am a beauty-lover, I am also a skeptic. I make annoyed sounds when skincare products claim to reduce the size of pores (they can't, nothing can, they can only reduce the appearance of the size), I have a flat-out rule that I won't review skincare unless I have tested it for at least two months and juice cleanses and "beauty teas" make me angry. I don't like people being duped out of money, I hate when it happens to me and I abhor the idea of it happening to any of my readers so I take reviews seriously and I always test things thoroughly.

Sometimes, however, products really do provide the miraculous results that they claim to offer. Viviscal is one such brand for me. 

Of course, I am always going on my own personal experiences and others may have an entirely different encounter with a product but I can honestly say that Viviscal changed my hair forever. In fact, the clearest indication of this is the fact that after I took a 6 month course of the Viviscal supplements and hair growth serum, I happened to start going back to the hairdresser in my hometown where I had had my hair cut for years and they noticed that I had gone from having rather fine hair to healthy, thick hair. It really was transformed.

So, when I found out they were launching some new products, I had to pop along! These new items - shampoo (RRP €11.95),  conditioner (RRP €11.95), elixir (RRP €24.95) and repackaged (and easier applied) volumising hair fibers (RRP €24.95) - are a new "densifying" range and the perfect accompaniment to the supplements. The idea being that the supplements strengthen your hair from the inside and the haircare products from the outside. And while the supplements are fantastic, you really need to wait around three months before there is a noticeable difference, whereas, the haircare products are said to make a difference within a week.

As I was between haircuts and in dire need of freshening up when I began using the haircare products, I did notice that it gave a bit of volume and oomph back to my rather lifeless hair. I love how they all smell - kind of spicy but in a good way - and my hair is incredibly silky and well-behaved. I haven't had to deal with fly-aways or frizz since I began using them. And, since I finally got my hair cut, the combination of the fresh style and the products is seriously slick. I need to do very little other than wash and dry my hair, popping in a little of the elixir before I dry it, to have a really good hair day.

If I were to recommend just one product from this new line, I'd have to pick out the elixir, it really is the star of the show. It's small and portable but a little goes a long way. Just a couple pumps onto the hands and run through the lengths and on top of my head (where flyaway action happens normally) before I dry it and I'm good to go with perfectly shiny, smooth hair the next day.

The best endorsement for the brand, however, has to be the fact that Debbie Harry (of Blondie) is a big fan. If a woman who has been iconically bleaching her hair for four decades backs haircare, you gotta listen!








(These items were given to me as press samples, however, I was not paid for this reivew and all opinions are my own)


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