Tuesday, 9 June 2015

House of Holland Pre SS16

I've always been fond of  pre/resort collection. Not only does it aid in sating my need for new shows to gasp and gush over but it also always seems like the time designers take the most risks, try new things. It's not one of the main collections of the year, so they have less to lose. As a result, you get some of their most exciting work.

I love what House of Holland do normally. But I also very much know what to expect. Or I thought I did. And then we get Pre SS16 which pushes beyond print and colour (though they're present, of course) and incorporates more textures, silhouettes and fabrics options. While remaining cohesive. Collected. Damn slick.

Btw, denim ain't going nowhere. In fact, it's only going to be more exciting this time next year, by all accounts. Holland shows us that. 

The take is characteristically fun and whimsical with coloured faux fur trims, tassels, patches and lots and lots of colour. But lengths and proportions are so goddamned chic that everything is made more polished and given a touch of timelessness. Americana with sixties primness and nineties wackiness.

It's youthful without being childish. Fresh without being unwearable. Utterly cool without trying too hard. 

Sign me up, I'm sold.


(Images via vogue.co.uk)


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