Wednesday, 24 June 2015

DIY: Magic Charm Necklaces

With the solstice just behind us and a certain weight to the air, as if something is going to happen, as if possibilities abound in summer for some reason, I thought I'd share a post I've been meaning to write for ages.

A while back, I was reading about the magical properties attributed to various plants, herbs and spices. I've always been fascinated by witches and magic and liked the idea of putting some of these ingredients together myself, playing around at making spells and charms. Then I noticed tiny glass bottles in my local craft shop and the two things kinda combined in my brain.


When I tried it out, I realised the ingredients looked really cute in the little bottles as necklaces. They also make nice gifts if someone is going through a break-up, looking for work, stressed or just someone you care for because you can tailor the ingredients into well wishes for them. Whether they work or not is kinda redundant, it's more about showing (with more than words) how much you have a person's back. I've given them to a couple people so far and they've been appreciative whether they were superstitious or not.

I'd like to immediately point out that I am not a practising wicca and have no in-depth knowledge of modern paganism as a religion or practice but was merely having fun and playing around with ideas. However, the ingredients I've listed below are traditionally associated with certain properties.

To make these, all you need is a scissors, twine, a bottle (from a craft shop or you could use empty food colouring bottles with the labels removed) and ingredients as desired. Merely pop them inside, close, tie the twine/string around and wear or gift it! It's super-easy.





This is a list of potential ingredients. It is not exhaustive in options or the properties of each item but somewhere to start from. As I say, this was for fun so I have no idea how to "activate" these charms, they are merely decoration! Still cute though!




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