Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bigger Lips

Lips have become the focal point of the face in recent months. These things go in cycles. For a while there, it was brows. And even that was a repeat of a eighties beat which was a repeat of a fifties beat... As are plump lips - Angelina Jolie started the pout envy for much of this generation.

With the rise in cosmetic procedures at earlier ages and the normalisation of the process, being enhanced is increasingly easier. Or, you can jump on viral bandwagons like the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge to use little cheats for a similar effect. If you want to go down a less invasive, in the former case, and less potentially harmful, in the latter, there are tips and tricks that anyone can use to exaggerate the look of their lips.

Admittedly, I'm rather fortunate when it comes to lip size - my sister has a rather (un)charming nickname for them that I'm loathe to repeat here - but often, it's a case of changing the shape a little, or drawing the eye to the right spot. Making them poutier or more rosebud-like. Whatever your tastes dictate. So, here are some tricks I implement into my make-up routine when I feel like boosting the beestung vibes.


1. Exfoliate!

I suffer from terribly dry lips and, as I have a terrible habit of biting and picking at them, they can get chapped. Sloughing off some dead skin helps the lips look healthier but also makes lip colours apply much more smoothly. I wouldn't suggest doing it too often - give your poor mouth a break! - but maybe once a week or so.

This lip scrub from Lush is a favourite! It tastes like sweets and a teeny amount goes a long way so it'll take ages to get through it. This particular one was from their limited edition Valentine's Day line so it's no longer in store but there are several others including Bubblegum and Mint Julips (both £5.50).


2. Moisturise

Next, you need to get in there and care for your lips after being so rough with them. Apply a lip balm, preferably a nice rich one, and leave it to sink into the skin.

I have a few favourites but my holy grail lip balm is the Eve Lom Kiss Mix (€20.00).


3. Highlight

You might already be highlighting like crazy but one of the places people often forget to implement it is along the cupid's bow. It has major impact, drawing light and the eye to the lip and extending the size of the lip just a smidge.

Currently, I've been digging the Glow Pot by Topshop in the shade Polished (£9.00). It's creamy and blends nicely. It's glowy but not outrageous for day-to-day use or lighter make-up looks.


4. Colour

At this point, you can start to line your lips. However, if you're going for a more natural look, merely apply colour. I went for this pretty rosy lip crayon by No.7. This one is from a multi-pack I bought around Christmas, so it's a mini but you can buy the regular in a range of shades in store (€11.75).


5. Shine

I'd never been a huge fan of lip gloss...until I realised it isn't all that goopy stuff that magnetically attracts your hair to your lips and glues it in place. Again, it's all about attracting light and attention. Instead of applying a coat over the entirety of the lip, only pop a bit on the centre. This will make them look plumper...


6. SPF

...which reminds me. This lip gloss by Hawaiian Tropic (currently €4.99) happens to also have an SPF of 25. Don't forget the sun protection for your mouth! The skin there is more sensitive and needs caring for as well.


Admittedly, you're not going to get the same effects as Botox here but it makes a difference without costing a bomb, hurting you or being invasive. And several of the steps will maintain the health of your lips as well as making them look better - always a bonus, right?




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