Monday, 17 June 2013

JW Anderson - S/S 2014

The new JW man has more of a wiggle and a flow. The designs are rather minimalistic and perhaps less fussy than women's garments but they move like women's clothes. The sculptural pieces are kinda divine and transcend gender barriers in some ways. They seem somewhat more wearable to me but, then, this is coming from a female perspective with a greater sense of fashion freedom. The mesh tops with a single coloured circle also appealed but the weird plastic patch really threw me. Maybe I just don't get it (as I've mentioned can happen before) but they look like bags with spare undies in them clipped to the models' crotches - not the greatest connotation ever.

 If we go back to the question of wearability, however, there are some damn well-tailored pants that as singular pieces would fit in to most wardrobes. The halter-necks for men, however, are really a garment for the truly brave. The bands across the arm, a preoccupation we've seen before, are back in several pieces and so is the flashing of flesh. The a-symmetry at play and the use of bows in a few pieces as well as the folding seem to speak of Asian influence. The word "origami" was one of the first I wrote down upon viewing the collection. Once again, the collection pushed boundaries, explored and had a sense of humour.

Whether Joe Bloggs would wear the collection is irrelevant but the questions asked by the clothes - or, rather, the questions they made us ask - are important ones. The "Is fashion art?" debate seems relevant as I often think that JW's pieces are more message or statement than clothing.

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