Saturday, 22 June 2013

Debs Ideas.

So, I know it's a little early but sales are everywhere at the moment and I wanted to put together some pieces from high street stores to show how a good Debs/Prom look does not need to cost a fortune. Here are some outfits I styled in different ways for different girls.

1. Romantic Elegance.

This look is pretty timeless and classic but without being typical Debswear. I feel like it's a somewhat safe but rather reliable option. The lace on the dress is quite fun and young and stops the outfit from looking too old or overdone.

Debs - Romantic Elegance

Debs - Romantic Elegance by fitzpac featuring diamond earrings

2. Restrained Ease. 

I'm in love with this dress and feel like the whole look is very modern and unexpected without being showy or flamboyant. While the pieces are grown up, the playful pop of colour in the bag and lip keep it young and appropriate.

Debs - Restrained ease

3. One dress - two girls.

This dress from Topshop is very versatile so I've styled it for two girls - one who is a bit of a punk (as I was) and another who is interested in being a little more demure.

Debs - Lace Prom Dress - Elegant vs. Rock and Roll

Debs - Lace Prom Dress - Elegant vs. Rock and Roll by fitzpac featuring black handbags

4. The Suit - two ways.

I've never quite managed to do a suit for a formal event but I love the idea. Here's two ways to style a suit - one is more playful and the other is a little sexier. I admire any girl greatly who would do this for the Debs and pull it off.

Debs - A Suitable option -Playful

Debs - A Suitable Option - Adult

Debs - A Suitable Option - Adult by fitzpac featuring river island

5. The Cutesy Kooky Look.

This outfit is super cute and just a wee bit eccentric. I imagine it on a character in High School played by Zooey Deschanel. 

6. The Natural Babe.

This, I imagine on a natural beauty or someone with charisma and charm who doesn't need to try very hard. It's all about confidence and ease.

Debs - Natural Babe

Debs - Natural Babe by fitzpac featuring asos

7. Simple Sex Appeal.

This look is about sex but not overtly. It's the classic sex appeal of a red dress without showing too much or trying too hard. The colourful and playful accessories keep it youthful and age appropriate.

Debs - Simple Sex Appeal

And those are my ideas!

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