Thursday, 9 May 2013

They coulda done Met-er.

I apologise for the pun. And I don't intend to insult anyone here but, as many others have noted, did anyone look up the word punk? I mean, what's the point in having a theme if no one bothers to stick to it? If people wore super-girly dresses as protest against our tired conception of punk that would be one thing. That would be a statement. But what people really did was wear whatever they'd normally wear on the red carpet. They tried to look cute or pretty or sexy. Few stepped outside their comfort zone. Two categories existed: 1. Ignoring the theme and wearing what they wanted sans the punk attitude of "screw you, the Man don't tell me what to do" and 2. The costume. 

So here are the categories and outfits (note "outfit", not necessarily "dress") that I would have chosen ahead of those which were worn at this year's Met Ball.:

1. The Punk Spirit.
Whether this is manifested in an uber punk, what-would-a-punk-Queen-Elizabeth-I-wear-?, or Rodarte modern punk spirit, there were many more options out there that were punk in spirit and at heart. Both Rodarte and Givenchy examples other than those I have chosen were worn and I commend those, esp the look Carine Roitfeld rocked, but there were many more amazing pieces on offer from the houses. And if someone doesn't get it? That means you're doing it right.

2. The "this whole collection should have been looted":
Seriously, how did this over-sight happen? Kristian Aadnevik's was the perfect collection for a punk edge.

3. The "if you're going to insist on confusing punk and goth":
Two different genres and subcultures, everyone. Sure, there's cross-fertilisation but they're not the same!

4. The "androgyny is sexy" plus "I don't have to wear a dress, it's the 21st century, fuck you" attitude:
Because conformity isn't punk and the "Oh my God, she's wearing a suit/approximation of a suit" thing may be nothing new but doing things in a less obvious way is very punk. Besides, these are hardly tuxes...

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So, what do y'all think? A little uninspired this year? They could have tried a bit harder? Or am I completely wrong? x

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