Sunday, 12 May 2013

Chanel Makeup

So, I never wear very much makeup - never have - and have limited skills when it comes to makeup. All the same I decided to give the recent look from Chanel's cruise show a go. It was actually pretty easy. I altered it somewhat, flicking the eye more and giving it a cattier look, but stuck pretty much to the overall look. It's largely about the eyes and skin.

1. Use a tinted moisturiser or light foundation and then a dusting of powder. The skin needs to be luminous and bright. I used a white eyeshadow in with my powder to get the glowy effect but many other products could achieve the same result. Don't forget to sweep the powder over your lids to set the eye makeup later.

2. Unless you've got Cara-brows, they'll probably need filling out and some grooming. Use a brown eyeshadow to fill in the brow and give it an even appearance and an eyebrow brush to groom to perfection. I don't have all the necessary implements myself but improvising is pretty simple.

3. Drag a black eyeshadow along the upper lid, like a liner, and follow the path your liner is going to take. Fill in the right shape with kohl.

4. Do the lower lid with a bright blue pencil (I got mine in Topshop for a euro in a sale - plus, it's glittery) and don't be afraid to apply thicker than you normally would. You can be quite painterly and free with the pencil here. Bring the liner out to meet the black wing.

5. Don't blend - this look is all about the graphic effect.

And there's you have it! I feel like a big impostor posting this, the idea of anyone taking advice from me is pretty laughable but maybe someone (a child, most likely) will find this helpful!

PS Sorry about the quality of the images. Old Finepix is a little tired at the moment.





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