Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Urban Decay - Time To Start Composing Your Christmas Wishlist

Whether you're naughty or nice, Urban Decay has got you covered. With new launches and old favourites reimagined and repurposed, there are plenty of great gifting or self-gifting options coming from our go-to make-up brand this holiday season.

Yesterday, I attended an Urban Decay Make-up Masterclass with MUA Danielle Roberts in the Drury Buildings. I was so busy taking notes and photos that I forgot to actually eat anything so the make-up itself stood in for nutritional sustenance instead. But I felt pretty nourished by the end of it and left with a pretty long wishlist.

As Danielle completed her look, she talked us through the products, what was on trend and how to reuse old favourites in new and unexpected ways. She had so many nuggets of make-up wisdom that I wouldn't do a blow-by-blow account of the full process justice. Instead, I'm just going to highlight some of the points and products I found most interesting.

Now, the Vice 4 palette (RRP €48.00) was the clear star of the show and little really needs to be said about it. As insanely anticipated and popular the Naked Smoky (€46.00) might have been, this latest palette release from UD has been turning a lot of heads lately. While the Naked range is packed full of wearable neutrals that are often perfect for the everyday, go-to routine, the Vice 4 is all jewel tones that warrant a special occasion or a wearer who embraces colour. Both are stunning but the Vice 4 is majestic enough that it has swayed the heart of at least this minimalist and neutral devotee.

One of the things that Danielle kept talking about was incorporating UD's prep and setting sprays - not just at the beginning or end of the process, but throughout to bring in the skincare goodness that is infused into each one and to transform products into something new. For example, her tip to get the glowy, luminous skin that is so on trend, was to spray a little of their hero spray, the B6 Prep Spray (€14.00 for the travel size), into the palm of your hand and mix it with the foundation that you're going to use. This warms the products up so that they melt into your skin better and it gives your skin an extra boost of moisture and vitamins. Similarly, if you want to turn your favourite powder blush into a cream blush, just mix a little of the pigment with the Naked BB Cream (€30.00) and voilĂ !

One of the new launches that caught my eye - if you'll excuse the pun - was the Waterline eye pencils ($20.00). These are designed, you guessed it, for the waterline and offer a subtle enhancement to the eye, stay put and don't budge (seriously, I had to take my Clarisonic to the swatches on the back of a hand I had washed multiple times that day) and are also suitable for sensitive eyes. Which is all good news to me as my eyes water like crazy and tightlining my eyes is nigh on impossible.

The new Brow Beater (€18.50) brow pencil and Brow Tamer (€18.50) gel also got some love for being just the thing to create the imperfect, tousled and just wild enough brows that have been all over catwalks of late. I'm already a big fan of the Brow Tamer and the Brow Beater seems to do a great job of giving you thin lines to build up a natural-looking brow.

Another product, or range, that you might want to keep an eye out for (I apologise for that one), is the new line of Primer Potions. In addition to the original, beloved primer are ones for targeted concerns; Anti-Ageing (€21.00, Eden (a nude matte with full coverage, €21.00) and Minor Sin (sheerer version of the champagne-toned Sin, €21.00). All with the addition of a new applicator to help the product glide on more smoothly.

Finally I have to give a shout-out to the new matte lipsticks (£15.00) which are pigmented and bold with a lovely matte finish while still managing to be creamy and not too heavy - the best of all worlds! Plus, in the matte finish, the shades look truly gorgeous!

So much to look forward to! Will anything be getting a spot on your letter to Santa?

















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