Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pamela Scott AW15 - "The Collection"

One of the most admirable things that a brand can do is take a new direction without leaving loyal customers behind or losing their identity. It's a difficult line to tread, indeed. Yet, Pamela Scott seems to have managed it.

As I walked into the press day, I noted the garments that my aunt or mother would normally visit the store for were still present on the racks; classic, warm coats, elegant knitwear, dresses fit for the office and weddings. Pamela Scott, after 40 years in business, knows what their woman wants and makes sure she'll keep returning to get it.

But they're also opening the door to a younger woman who they say is in her forties. One look at "The Collection," however, and I find I could wear much of it myself. In fact, there are some crisp pieces that I've been keeping an eye out for elsewhere to no avail.

The Collection offers pieces that look and feel much more expensive than they are. There are some pretty dresses - some exceptionally pretty dresses - suitable, again, for both office and party alike but there are also some separates that are seriously cool. One of my favourite looks from the whole collection is a pair of black, clean culottes with a floaty cream pussybow blouse. The blouse hits at the 70s trend that is everywhere but is simple enough to outlive the trend. The culottes are the perfect shape and length and utterly wearable - something I've been trying and failing to find. Pamela Scott knows real women and real bodies and these clothes are easy to put on without stressing about careful styling to make trends designed for models work on shorter or curvier forms.

Another highlight are the coats - one in camel and another in a deep, rich green. Tailored and neat, they are the perfect piece to dress any outfit up for any occasion. These are wardrobe staples that will earn their keep rather than gather dust.

Capes also appear. One is navy and structured - a little Gossip Girl, in that regard - and the other is a big, drapey knit piece in grey tones. Both are timelessly chic and on trend.

After viewing the show and being impressed by it, I ventured upstairs, at their encouragement to become better acquainted with the store at large and was taken aback by the quantity and range of formalwear. I was unaware but if you're after a Debs or bridal party dress, they've kind of got you covered!

Pamela Scott knows Irish women and a much wider cross-section of the population than I previously thought. They know how to dress our bodies and what we want and how we celebrate. And now they're also being a little more fashion-forward. They'll probably never make faddy, super on-trend pieces but, rather, garments that you'll cherish and wear over and over again with just enough awareness of current taste to be fashionable and enough timelessness to remain relevant for years to come.

Here's to the next forty years of this great Irish institution of fashion!


















(Thanks to Pamela Scott, Sorcha and the team at Elevate for inviting me!)


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