Saturday, 23 March 2013

Supersize it, please.

By which I mean: supersize my outerwear, please.

I may or may not have noted here before, the trend of moving from body clinging to skimming in the industry. Already, I'm somewhat of a convert from skinny to boyfriend jeans. This trend is something I can really get behind - I've never really been a fan of bandage dresses or discomfort. I like a little room to breathe, thank you very much. An extension of this is huge outerwear. I'm somewhat of a coat fiend (I blame my mother - her collection is insane) and these hut-like garments that can be snuggled inside are majorly appealing to me. As a teenager I was crazy for thinner coats and jumpers because I was terrified baggier clothing would make me look fat. Since then I've embraced layers and with many of the giant coats that were on the runways for next season, no one could ever mistake their volume for fat - the difference in size between them and your face or arms is too obvious. Another point in their favour is the drama factor; sweeping into a room or down the street in a giant coat makes a statement.

But anyway, here's a round-up of some of my favourites!

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