Saturday, 23 February 2013

Maximalism for S/S 2013 and A/W 2013-14

So,  I promised on facebook to post about some shows that had excited me. I said two, but now it's three; dsquared2, Meadham Kirchhoff and Just Cavalli. Cavalli and dsquared2 featured in the recent A/W 2013-4 fashion week and the MK collection that intrigued me is their S/S 2013 showing.

This blog has been a better mirror than any I've ever known. My awareness of what I like, what works for me and what I like but works for me has increased exponentially. I've realised the difference between, "That's cute," and "That's something I'd wear." I find myself shopping smarter. As a result, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a minimalist - because of both form and function. My life is too uncertain to wear anything too fussy as I never know what I'm going to be doing or where I'm going to be going on any given day. And while I love princessy dresses, even I realise that tees make more sense on a daily basis.

But I find my heart swayed by maximalism on the runways. Dsquared, with its tailoring, sexiness and modernising of styles past, is a label I've been loving more and more with recent collections. Elements of how their outfits are put together are very wearable and have birthed in me a particular love of kid gloves and cat eye sunglasses. Now, while the overall result of their looks is a tiny bit much for a day in the library, it's a little more restrained than the following collections. There's a lot going on - socks + sandals, fur, coloured fur, jewels, big hats, gloves, dramatic coats. The gangster vibe is wonderful, as is the play on masculine/feminine clothing and the wonderful but complimenting colours and fabrics really pull you in.

Plus, men in uniform:

Cavalli and I have a tumultuous relationship - we often don't mesh. But the latest showing really wowed me! The combination of print and refreshingly modern silhouettes really works, as does the overall "ethnic" effect, without seeming twee or uber-costumey. The very short skirts and animal prints haven't been abandoned but they fit into the collection in a different way.

And then we get to Meadham Kirchhoff. Dear, dear, Meadham Kirchhoff. A little bit Bo Peep, a little bit English belle. Mostly the little girl in me, but also the teenage punk, loves this!

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