Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Iconic pieces of the decade so far. I know we're only on our third year of this decade but I was thinking of pieces that have really affected me in the last few years and there were some massive stand-outs. Here are my Most Iconic Pieces of the Decade so Far:

5. Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges:

So many tried and failed to combine runners and heels (I'm looking at you, Ash). This year's crop got them so right and while Marant wasn't alone in this, the label's version were probably the most lusted over. High street influence was huge and the "secret" height boost went down particularly well with Irish girls who can always do with a few more inches.

4. Stella McCartney. not a piece but a person and label...obviously. In the last couple of years, however, she has produced items in almost every collection that have become "it" pieces for the season and which saw large-scale high street replication. I can't narrow it down any further so here are my favourites: - I WANT SO BAD.

3. The Alexa.

Mulberry's 2010 bag became the one to have and launched a craze for satchels that hasn't yet died down. I actually have on of these which makes the pangs for the other items on this list less painful, now that I think about it.

2. The Alexander Wang Sweater Dress.

This is one of the first pieces that I was genuinely upset to be unable to attain. I still pine for it. The same show that featured this piece is probably also the root of the fishtail plait craze which lingers.
1. Alexander McQueen's insanely beautiful last collection.

Particularly the first piece. Kind of the root of the opulence and baroque trends but years ahead as per. Still one of the most beautiful collections I've ever seen. Just try to tell that this isn't art.

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