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5 Trends That Everyone Hates But That I'm Not Mad At

So, anyone who knows me well probably has seen me in items of clothing that they really don't like. I've had friends ask "what the hell are you wearing?" upon seeing me, even when being reunited after a very long time. I've had my little sister accuse me of dressing to embarrass her (when we were both teens and far angstier). I've had "goth", "emo" and "loser" shouted at me in the street. I've had boys in my class label a beloved pair of shoes "witch boots."

I take all of the above as compliments.

I don't care if you don't like something I'm wearing because I do. I'm the one wearing it, not you. Besides, as a pretentious asshole, I do enjoy the idea that people simply don't "get it". I'm sorry you're not as fashion as me. Too bad for you.

But seriously though, personal preferences are fine. We don't all have to like the same things. Yet, there are some things that I find myself defending on the reg because most people label things blindly as "ugly" and I simply don't think that the world is often that black and white. Sometimes, things are ugly-cute. So, here are five things that everyone else hates but I'm not mad at.

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1. The Fashion Mullet.

I know. I hear the sharp intake of breath. I'm starting out strong with this one.

Tbh, if you asked me a year ago about mullets, I would have made a stank face but I've had reason to consider. The mullet has recently become popular again in Korea and has been rocked by actors and kpop idols and it made me realise that, if styled well, it ain't that bad. In fact, it can be quite cool. G-Dragon's mullet? Awesome. Seventeen's The 8's? Adorable. Nam Joo Hyuk's? Chic.

I'm no advocate for any Billy Rays or rat tails but a well-style mullet? I can get down with that.

2. Kitten Heels.

Look, you can bitch and whine all you want but if they were good enough for Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, they can't be all bad. Yes, there are ugly kitten heels but there are a hell of a lot of nasty-looking stilettos. Don't tar all kittens with the same brush.


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3. Crazy Oversized Clothes.

I like to dress comfortably but still with style and edge. The easiest way to achieve both is to have a statement piece among comfortable and practical items. So, a crazy oversized hoodie or coat or tee that has a cool design or bold colour is a life-saver as it can do all the talking for me, while I lounge around inside the garment. It's an ideal sitch. The key is proportion and balance. You don't want to swim in fabric or have your clothes wear you but, when done right, oversized garments are a super cool way of updating an existing wardrobe and look.

4. Dad Trainers.

Again, it's a comfort thing and a careful choice thing. There is a such thing as the right kind of ugly. Just like there are some faces that aren't conventionally attractive but still captivating or lovely or both, there are objects that are the right amount of wrong.

So, no, I won't be forking out for those Balenciaga beasts but I would consider something with a similar spirit and more refined feel - and just think about the arch support! Marvelous.

5. Bum bags.

I slagged my dad about his for years and now I'm eating my words...

Bum bags were once awful neon signs pointing out someone on holiday who didn't know how to dress themselves but they have been utterly reborn and I'm super into it. Simply wearing them differently changes everything. Moving them from the hips to across the chest or back or cinching in a waist of a sick blazer is an easy way of injecting a streetwear vibe into an outfit and making it cooler.

Well, I'm sure I've disgusted enough people at this point but my point in all of this is basically that I used to have a much more simplistic view on things - in life, in general, but also about fashion, in particular. However, time and other people's brilliance, great ideas and views have taught me that you can always be proven wrong about things you never though could work. You're welcome to like and dislike things but, remember, a little tweak can transform something entirely and make you see it with fresh eyes.

Let me know if you guys agree or disagree or if there is anything that you love but everyone else seems to deem ugly!


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