Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Beauty 2015 II: Best of My Beauty Discoveries

If you read my last Beauty 2015 post, you'll know that I was talking all about my favourite beauty launches throughout the year from my pick of Urban Decay's best palette to budget make-up brushes that seriously impressed. This post, however, is things that weren't new to 2015 but new to me - products I discovered and fell in love with and that I felt deserved a shout-out.


The biggest make-up favourite has to be Missha's Magic Cushion SPF 50 (~ €27) in the shade 21. This BB cushion has become my go-to base and it makes my skin all kinds of glowy. My mother is obsessed and laments that I don't wear it all the time because it makes me look "much better" (cheers). In fact, she'd have me ordering it for her, too, if it had heavier coverage. For me, though, that's good. It doesn't look like you're wearing lots, leaves your skin feeling happy and moisturised, is SPF 50 and is pretty reasonably priced. For me, however, the best proof of how good something is/how much I like it, is if I find myself using it all. I rarely finish mascaras or foundations/BB creams before they dry up as I'm always testing things and wear make-up so little. This cushion BB has been replaced twice now and is the closest thing I've ever had to daily make-up so that says a lot. 


The next make-up fave is a product from the Balm that I've seen hyped for so long by people I respect a lot; the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter (€20.50). This gives you serious glow right away without looking like you've slathered it on or looking too glittery. It also comes in a super-cute vintage-inspired compact with a big mirror and there's quite a bit of product at 8.5g considering that a little goes such a long way. Best of all, it's the perfect shade for me to use on my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and cupid's bow and on my aegyo sal.



While mentioning cheek products, I can't leave out Too Faced's Love Flush blush (€26.00) in Love Hangover. Not only is the packaging so freaking cute, the product is soft and finely milled and applies beautifully. It's a really pretty natural rosy-pink shade with little tiny flecks of glitter throughout but beware: a little really goes a long way. Apply with caution. 

Seriously, though. How cute is this? It's like a Polly Pocket.



A firm skincare favourite this year has to be Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil treatment. I've been using this for months now, every second night and I have to say that it really lives up to the hype. In fact, my only complaint is that I can't use it every night (the ingredients are too active). My acne scars (which, admittedly, aren't that bad) are fading and I can barely see some at all any more, my overall skin texture is smoother and blemishes heal faster. It's seriously changed my skin and lasts for yonks which makes it, to me, worth the €105 price tag.


Finally, a simple but effect product that I loved this year for my hair is the Naked Style Little Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. It's got argan oil and shea butter in it, smells coconutty and generally tames my hair, and flyaways, even on its most boisterous days. Plus, I've been told my hair is in remarkably good condition but several professionals and I definitely attribute it to regular use of this product.


These are the things I'm taking into 2016 for sure. How about you guys? Any holy grail discoveries this past year?! I'd love to hear about it!


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