Sunday, 4 November 2012

Japanese Fashion an obsession of mine. It can either be so outrageous and extreme that you can't help but look through pages and pages of it, so cute you want to move there or so cutting-edge and cool that you want a cool transplant. Either which way, you won't be bored. Below are a couple of links to street style blogs. The first features a lot of the outrageous - not my own personal sense of style and a little much for daily life but amazing none the less. The second is more recognisable and fits in with street style blogs of other cities quite naturally while still remaining unmistakably Tokyo. The third link is to the entry on the V&A's site about their collection of Japanese fashion - I really wanna go see it! And the fact that it's being displayed in a serious, academic setting shows the importance of fashion, and specifically Japanese fashion, to modern day culture.

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