Wednesday, 18 July 2018

5 Everyday Essentials From Primark Beauty


I have been lucky enough, through blogging (over six years of it), to get added to press lists and be sent samples of products for years. As a result, I often have an excellent skincare regime with products that I shouldn't really be able to afford on my budget and way more beautiful makeup products than is necessary for someone who doesn't wear makeup more than a few times a month. Not to say that I haven't worked hard or don't deserve any of this.

However, in addition to the luxurious products that we all love and want, I'm a big believer in budget items that pack a punch. I have always had favourite products among the Primark Beauty line but they have majorly improved and expanded in the past few years and now there are lots of great pieces that you can pick up in store for a steal! Best of all, they are cruelty-free and have recently received official certification.

On a daily basis, there are some key products that I have been using that have been saving my life and that have made it into the main rotation, which goes to show that a higher price doesn't necessarily mean better. Here are the five everyday essentials from Primark in my beauty routine that I swear by...

1. The Blemish Blaster Clear Gel Patches

Every time I go to Penneys, I grab a handful of these guys. They are KEY items in my skincare routine atm and a necessity for hormonal breakouts.

Part of the Kpop line of products, they are little clear patches with salycilic acid and other ingredients that are used to bring down inflammation and help heal acne. I've used plenty of similar patches from Korean brands (where they originated) before and loved them (the Cosrx ones are notable and famous in K-beauty as popular favourites) but these guys cost just €1.50 per pack of twenty and can be readily purchased in Ireland rather than ordered online - that's hard to beat! They are really effective and I wear them overnight to bring down angry spots, especially those under-the-skin, painful ones. During the day, if I have a really nasty breakout, especially one I'm tempted to pick at, I slap a patch over it to keep it out of my mind and, if you apply it carefully (no air bubbles or puckering), they are clear enough that they should go unnoticed (unless someone is up in your personal space). I can't sing this product's praises enough and pray to God that it becomes a permanent product!

2. Facial Massager

That weird, Medieval-torture-device-looking mofo is a silicon facial massager and my current best friend (sorry, Sarah). I use it at night, after my serums (yes, plural: I'm that bih) and moisturiser, to massage my neck and face and it visibly makes my face more defined and less puffy the next day. I'm a big believer in facial massaging, in general, as it increases blood flow and helps keep your skin happy. I've really noticed a difference when using this, even if briefly, each night. You can totally go buy a jade roller, like the ones you've seen on Insta, but this only cost me a few quid and has been pretty damn effective. I skipped it one night recently and my whole face was puffy the next morning (my nose was massive!).

3. Overnight Lip Treatment

My worst habit is picking at my lips when nervous, bored or deep in thought. As a result, a feature that takes up a rather significant portion of my face is often ravaged. I now apply this deeply moisturising lip treatment each night before turning in and my lips are a lot less destroyed than usual. Just having the pot next to my bed makes me remember to do it too!

4. Kpop Bubble Blush Cushion Blusher (in Pastel Pink)

I had really wanted to try a cushion blush but was struggling to find one by a cf brand when this guy came into my life. I love a pale-ass pink blush, and while you have to be careful with the amount you use (unless you want to look like a rag doll: you do you), this is a really pretty shade and exactly what I had wanted. And it only cost me five quid. Admittedly, I don't use this every day as, as I mentioned, I don't wear makeup on the daily, but I reach for it often.

5. Miscellaneous "Boring" Products

So, this isn't technically one product and the one pictured above is a pack of the Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, but Primark is great for beauty basics; cotton wool, wipes, q-tips, etc. Inexpensive and well-made, they are great. (Note: I carry these wipes to clean up messes I make - like of my life - and wipe my hands or as a temporary solution if I get sweaty. I never use wipes to cleanse my face as they're not great for face-skin but, as I said before: you do you.)

Primark Beauty will surprise you, if you give it half the chance so if you check out these excellent favourites and let me know how you get on! They're all pretty indispensable favourites for me now.


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