Monday, 30 April 2018

Dad Trainers As The Basis Of An Outfit Every Day For A Week

dad trainers outfits

Dad trainers, the great sartorial divide of our times...

I'm very much for them, let me make that clear. However, my affection very much comes with plenty of terms and conditions. I'm not an old fogey who complains about ripped jeans (within reason) - I get how pre-wearing items can be aesthetically pleasing - but I refuse to pay for runners that look like they've been worn until they are a gross brownish-white. Refuse. Similarly, I need the colour palette to be attractive - I'm not into some of the deeply unattractive and fuddy-duddy, drab "Dad" colour schemes. Basically, give me the fat silhouette, but make it a little slicker, and give me a couple extra inches of height in the sole. Footwear that makes me taller, looks fresh and is comfy? Yes, please.

So, now that we've established where we stand when it comes to my opinion on the trend, let's talk styling. I was a little concerned, before they arrived, that these guys from Public Desire might not be overly versatile. When I laid eyes on them in person, I quickly realised that they were going to actually be really fun and easy to style with a bunch of different kinds of outfits. 


First off, I faced Monday in a comfy outfit comprised of the lovely cream hoodie I bought in Seoul and these cropped favourites from Topshop and then pulled the hair around my face back into a little pony on top of my head. As I said, it was comfy and that was key for how I felt on the day (i.e. dead tired) but the cream accents on the runners tied in nicely with the hoodie, which is a more structured fit, making it all look more polished.


Day two was a more girly look with my custom-made pinnie over an & Other Stories striped long-sleeve, a bunch of pins and these cute heart-shaped sunglasses from Primark. The little bit of height in the runners made me look good and leggy and they also made an otherwise sweet outfit a little fresher and more interesting.


For Wednesday, I was wearing my politics on my chest with my Repeal sweatshirt, a striped over-long-sleeve underneath to break up the all black a little, and my trusty Jamie jeans from Topshop that are about six years old and still going strong despite constant wear.


Thursday was one of my favourite looks, quite different from the others. My powder blue suit from Savida at Dunnes made another appearance with my white Winona tee underneath and the runners to make the whole thing a lot cooler and less stuffy. I was still pretty overdressed for everyday life but I was so into the look and I'm so used to being overdressed that I didn't really care.


However, in saying all this, my last look was my favourite. A little Hypebeast-wannabe but still cool enough that I'm not mad at it, it brought out these faux leather sweats from Topshop that I got years ago and have never really worn and saw them paired with my beloved Vetements hoodie, some Vetements socks and my new faves: the dad trainers. It was effortless, made me look tall and lean and was comfy as hell. The kind of outfit magic that I always aim for but seldom achieve to this level.

So, moral of the story is: if you get the right dad trainer, they will work with everything in your wardrobe, give your tired feet a break and look cool as hell while they're at it.


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