Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Season's Must-Have Accessories: A Cheap And Easy Way To Update Your Style

There's something a little different about this AW. Bright colours abound, styling is edgy and cool but preppy pieces are back in a big way thanks to Gucci...It's just a lot of fun ideas. A little like a season for playing dress-up.

A downside, however, is my burning desire for new clothes so I can play along with these cool trends and ideas. I always have to curb my need for new pieces but it's particularly bad right now. And I'm not the only one, it seems. Several friends have admitted that their normal budget and allowances for new clothes have gone right out the window. 

Fear not, though. I've come up with a pretty useful solution: accessories. 

I know, I know. That's not a new idea. Accessories are always a great way to update your look in a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly way but this season, in particular, there are some key items that can completely change and upgrade your wardrobe.

Here are my picks of AW17's must-have accessories.

1. Brooches

A little while ago, I found a couple of brooches that I had gotten in press bags from different jewellery brands. They'd been put away in those same bags for years at this point and I took them out with the intention to give them away, tired of having things I didn't want or wasn't using just lying around and taking up space. 

The truth is, I thought them old-fashioned and fussy until recently and then I realised that I was merely approaching wearing them in an outdated way. Brooches in of themselves aren't old-fashioned. They are actually invaluable this season (particularly pearly ones for that Gucci vibe) and perfect worn on an over-sized mannish blazer to bring a touch of prettiness to it; on a military-style beret to make it softer and more interesting; or pinned to the front of my simple sporty black bum bag when I wear it slung across my chest for a look that's a combination that's a little more compelling and unexpected. Brooches, used correctly, make for modern styling and can make items you already own look more expensive and on trend.


2.  Pearls

I don't need to say much here. And I know I need to stop talking about Gucci so many times in this one post but, srsly, they've kind of defined the aesthetic that we're seeing everywhere this season and they made pearls happen again. But cooler pearls. More modern pearls. Think pearls where you weren't expecting them - on shoes, pinned to berets etc. - and pearls set in simpler, geometric jewellery, particularly earrings. 


3. Earrings

I don't buy a lot of jewellery because I simply don't wear it often enough and I have too much as it is. However, I'm having a hard time walking past earring displays atm. There are so many good options; geometric, minimalist, gaudy and gothy, mismatched etc.

Just get some statement earrings and it will totally elevate an otherwise simple outfit; without your having to try too hard. An especially good combo is loosely tied back hair, an over-sized comfy knit, skinnies, ankle boots and a hard-working earring. Mango and Primark, in particular, have some great options at the moment.


4. Glasses chains on sunglasses

It's already a thing but it's going to be a mainstream thing soon, I certain of it!

Tapping into the re-imagining and restyling of vintage items and trends that we're seeing a lot of, this is something I'm really into and it looks super cool. An easy way to look hipper than you are, without having to do very much.

Pop into any optician and pick up a chain and then add it to some sunglasses, preferably ones with coloured lenses. 


5. Neckties

Channel your inner Gossip Girl (and Gucci - again, I know!) and invest in a necktie. It works that preppy trend, sure, but paired with clashing prints, it looks really fresh and cool and a lot more expensive than your outfit might actually be. I got this one on ASOS and I'm obsessed. 


A lot of what is in style this season is a re-imagining of things and can be easily replicated with pieces you probably own already. Just pick up some accessories that are multi-functional, transformative and adaptable like these guys and you won't have to spend an arm and a leg to tap into the coolest things going on in the industry right now!


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