Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas At Lush 2016

Only a few days left before Christmas and I thought my festive posts wouldn't be complete for the year without a trip to Lush. I mean, every year, without fail, I get several gifts for my loved ones in Lush.

It's a perfect one-stop place for multiple people on your list. There are nice-smelling things, pampery things, specific skincare and haircare concern products and fun frivolous gifts that are all cruelty-free, cute and eco-friendly.

The specific gift-sets, as per, are gorgeous with products and packaging that suit lots of different needs, tastes, price-points and age groups and this is also one of the areas where there is the most change from last year. Lush products tend to become iconic and get repeated each year so there aren't that many new festive launches among most of the stock. The gift-sets, however, tend to be reimagined year to year. Plus, the great thing about these is that a lot of them don't need to be wrapped and the wrapping that they have used is recycled and gorgeous!

One of my favourites this year has to be the Santa in Space gift-set (£29.95). The packaging is adorable; a tin lunchbox with a cute illustration of a Santa in space on it. Inside, the products included are great and all, unsurprisingly, space themed. You get a Big Bang bubble bar (one of my favourites), an Intergalactic bath bomb, a Northern Lights bath bomb, a Twilight shower gel and a Santa fun. It's a solid gift, with lots in it and I imagine would be welcome under many a Christmas tree.

The Secret Garden gift-set (£37.95), meanwhile, is a really beautiful option that has vintage-inspired packaging and looks as if it has been plucked directly out of Little Women or a Victorian Christmas card. It's a little pricier but there is a lot in it. You get a Serendipity soap, and Igloo soap, a Rub Rub Rub body scrub bar, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, a Charity Pot body lotion (yay for a bonus charitable donation!) and a Rose Jam Shower gel. This kit really is perfect for anyone in need of pampering and some TLC and is packed full of favourites.

Of the wintery bath bombs and bubble bars, there are many to choose from but my favourites are the Snowie (it's a Bowie snowman, what's not to like?) bubble bar, the adorable Christmas Penguin bubble bar and the awesome Santasaurus bubble bar. These aren't necessarily the best smelling bubble bars I've ever tried in the store but they look cool and would make cute gifts or stocking fillers, particularly for Bowie, penguin or dinosaur fans.

The last item I'm going to single out is the Mask of Magnaminty. Now, this is neither a new or festive product but I think it makes a great gift for a parent, along with the promise of a pampering session. A lot of parents don't take proper care of themselves, particularly around this time of year, and I like to do a five step facial routine and arm massage for my parents when I'm home for a weekend. It makes them relax and look rejuvenated, it gives us time to bond and me time to take care of them, and it's a nice way to try and pay them back for everything they've done for me. I highly recommend this as a gift idea or as part of a larger gift - they'll really appreciate it!













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