Sunday, 27 November 2016

REVIEW: BeautyPro Collagen Masks

Beauty Belle is an Irish online store, based in Newry, that sources innovative nail and skincare products from around the world. The website largely stocks sheet masks that target all sorts of skin concerns and many of which have won awards for excellence.

The brand got in touch with me and sent me out two masks from their collection to try out: the BeautyPro Collagen Mask in Brightening and Rejuvenating.

I used both in a week where I was targeting hormonal breakouts by masking every night and the results were pretty damn good. The blemishes healed quicker and my overall skintone became clearer, brighter and more even. I can't speak to the particular long-term effects of the masks in question, as I wasn't using them exclusively or for an extended period of time, but I can discuss how they were to use compared to the large catalogue that I have previously trialled from a long list of different brands.

Unusually, these masks felt warming, rather than cooling, on the face when applied. I don't know if that was my imagination but it was somewhat comforting and soothing. The shape of the mask itself fit really nicely to the face, not having holes around the features that were too large, leaving big swathes of skin untreated, as is the case with many masks. Another bonus is that the masks are pretty essence heavy, meaning that the skin is left exceptionally dewy and soft after use, with plenty left over to spread on the arms and decolletage. 

One downside is that the material of the mask isn't absorbent enough to retain sufficient essence for a second use of the reverse side. This, however, is something I've only found with one or two high-quality masks in the past and is really only an added bonus. 

To be honest, I've found that no matter what one particular mask is meant to be targeting, most really provide the same results, which are a big boost in moisture and bringing glow back to the skin. In the case of these two masks, they did exactly that. This isn't really a criticism though as who doesn't want softer and brighter skin?

These masks and a wide range of others are all available at Beauty Belle and, for Cyber Monday, there is a special 3 for 2 offer on their award winning Glacial Snow Algae and Apple Stem Collagen masks.





(This product was given to me as a press sample. However, I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.)


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