Saturday, 22 October 2016

REVIEW: Topshop Aircushion Skin Perfector

When I saw that Topshop had released a cushion foundation, I was really excited. My favourite foundations are my Korean cushion BB creams. However, these have to be ordered online, take a while to get here and a few that I loved, I later realised weren't cruelty-free and couldn't repurchase.

Topshop having their own version that I could pick up, in person, whenever I ran out, and was cruelty-free sounded fantastic. I mean, there were already versions from brands like Lancome, L'Oreal and others but none of these are cruelty-free and were, as a result, pretty useless to me.

One of the great things about the Topshop Aircushion is that, unlike Korean brands, these are designed for an international audience and there are a few more shades to choose from and shades that run deeper than your typical cushion foundation. In saying that, however, the lightest shade "1.0", is actually a little bit dark for me. In fact, my biggest, and really only, complaint about the product is that it is that orangey-hue that a lot of Western brand often go for. That's not really my thing personally and its not offensively orange, it's still wearable, but it isn't the complexion brightening shade that I'm used to from cushion foundations.

When it comes to the formulation, it doesn't have SPF, as most cushion foundations in Korea do, so it is better suited to nighttime use as it won't react to flash photography and leave you looking like a ghost. It is also quite cooling and soothing when first applied, which is a pleasant bonus. I will say that I'm not mad on how it smells but, again, it's not an overly offensive thing, just mildly off-putting.

Another thing to note is that, unlike Korean cushions, it's not as dewy on the skin but it isn't quite matte either, so it's a nice option for those intrigued by dewy skin looks but a little afraid of looking shiny.

When using the cushion, be sure to moisturise and prep the skin well in advance as it will show up patchiness on the skin's surface. Furthermore, cushions aren't designed to be heavy-coverage so don't expect flawless skin from this. Instead, you get a light-weight, pretty, natural finish that improves the complexion overall but won't cover blemishes.

At €22.00, it's not the most expensive cushion on the market, and considerably cheaper than the Lancome version, but not the cheapest either. As of yet, I don't think there are refills, as there are with other cushion foundations, but I imagine that it would be part of Topshop's plan to launch them down the line. In which case, they become more cost-efficient overall and there is less waste - which is always a good thing!

Overall, I don't hate this foundation, there are just others I prefer. It's mostly the shade that personally throws me off but if you don't mind a more obvious and less natural colour to your foundation, that won't bother you. This is also a great launch for those requiring deeper shades who are interested in cruelty-free cushion foundations as the market isn't the kindest, in general, to them. If Topshop were to launch even more shades and refine the formula, I'd totally be down. As a first step? It's not too bad.




(This product was not a sample and was purchased with my own money)


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