Friday, 17 June 2016

OVERVIEW: Artistry Summer 2016 Line - Limited Edition Pacific Lights Collection

Artistry is a brand I have been discovering over the past year. I first tried their skincare and, more recently, tested out some of their makeup, beginning with their Little Black Dress Eyeshadow Palette and then the Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation. The skincare was flawless and the foundation gave pretty results but was initially a little bit of a struggle to work with. Nonetheless, I was happy enough with how it looked to be curious about more of their makeup products.

Happily, I got a chance to sample their summer line: the limited edition Pacific Lights collection.

When I first received the press release for the products, I was immediately taken in by the colours and how bright and fun everything looked - really a perfect summer collection. While I never really experiment with different colours in my makeup, the images of the line suddenly gave me a boost of inspiration to try something new.

As it turns out, Artistry are the perfect brand for those wanting to play with colour but who are a little afraid. They are experts in creating subtle, immensely pretty, undeniably wearable shades. I mean, they made a blue eyeshadow that actually looks good...need I say more?

The 3D Face Powder (RRP €28.80) is a solid shimmer brick that looks like many others that you have probably seen before. However, upon swatching the individual five shades and a swirl into all the colours together, you discover that they are particularly pretty iterations of those familiar tones. The shimmer is subtle, the browns and golds remind of dreamy sandy beaches and the pink shades are perfectly peachy. It could do with being a little more finely milled to blend more readily but it is a great multi-tasker that offers perfect highlight, bronzer and contour shades as well as others that could be used in lieu of eyeshadows - the ideal product to chuck in your bag if you need to pack light this summer!

The Signature Color™ Eye Shadow Quad (RRP €40.90), meanwhile, is one of the stand-out products of the collection. The four shades are designed to evoke a summer sunset: a large pale gold highlight shade, a grey, a turquoise and a violet. But calling them these colours doesn't do them justice. The grey is an oil-spill that reflects the light and paints a rainbow when applied to the skin, the blue sparkles like water and violet blossoms. They apply a little sheerer than one would imagine, as well, and this makes shades that might frighten me normally much more wearable. They are buildable, pretty and subtle and the perfect intro to more vibrant hues. The highlighter is a nice touch as it is without shimmer and is just the thing for those (like myself) who have an arsenal of uber-glowy highlighters but nothing a little more demure.

My biggest delight and disappointments, however, are connected to the Light Up Lip Glosses (RRP €21.00). They come in five shades - Tropical Blue, Orange Citrus, Wild Berry, Pink Grapefruit and Red Cherry - and have, perhaps, the coolest packaging of a gloss that I have ever seen. At first glance, they look normal, mundane but they have mirrors built into the side and, get this, when you twist the lid off THEY LIGHT UP. I took them out to show friends last weekend and they screamed in excitement while the dudes in the room looked confused. But, really, what nineties kid doesn't love anything that lights up? Those runners that lit up when you moved come to mind. Kind of branded as a feature that might come in handy at festivals or other summery outdoor excursions, it's really a big gimmick but I LOVE IT all the same! The glosses are nice, not too goopy, with a mintiness to them that is very pleasant but I was disappointed that the blue shade swatched pretty much completely sheer. Would I have worn it if it were actually blue? Probably not but it was a little bit of a disappointment all the same.

Overall, however, there's a real sense of fun in this collection that kind of reminded me of when I first discovered makeup. My friends and I had a blast playing with them and they really do give off good summery vibes. I still think the eyeshadow quad is great for those looking to play with colour but if I were to recommend one thing from the line, it'd be the lipglosses. The idea of blowing some tipsy chicks' minds with them in a bathroom on a night out is too fun!








(These products were given to me as press samples but I have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.)


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