Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What Is Actually In My Make-Up Bag? - What A Beauty Blogger Actually Uses.

I review new products all the time for the blog and I often really enjoy them but there is a difference between a perfectly fine product and something that gets a firm place in your regular rotation. If you've been eyeing up a specific product, my single-product or whole line reviews might be helpful, but if you're looking for recommendations, then this post is the one for you.

On a daily basis, I don't really wear make-up but I do bring a little pouch of essentials in my bag at all times, just in case my plans suddenly change and I need to dress myself up a little - a not uncommon occurrence. This pouch is home to my Holy Grail Products, my basic necessities and newbies that have completely stolen my heart.

First of all, my make-up pouch is rather small so the items inside need to be essentials, or travel-sized, in order to make the cut. The only exception is my Missha BB cushion, which floats around on its own as it takes up too much room otherwise.

Secondly, brows, lips and skin are the main areas that I focus on for essentials because if these three are looking alright, I have very little else to worry about. I don't like to wear a lot of make-up anyway but smooth skin, tamed brows and a pop of colour on the lips is all you need to look more alive and put together. Therefore, the most important items are my BB cushion (additionally, Benefit's Porefessional Primer is a good base, but not essential), my tweezers (from Topshop), my Billion Dollar Brows clear Brow Gel (for verrry minimal make-up) and my beloved Brow Tamer Tinted Brow Gel from Urban Decay.

The Brow Tamer is probably my ultimate go-to brow product as it manages to hold my very, very stubborn brow hairs in place (a first) and fills the brows in enough that I don't need to mess around with pencils or powders. The Missha BB is one of my all-time favourite bases and gives me that dewy, glowy skin I want. It also has decent coverage on its own but still looks like skin. I also don't really need to powder as whatever magic is in the formulation means that I always seem to stay dewy, and not greasy, with it on. For a little more glow, Benefit's High Beam is perfect in this little travel size, and the applicator is great for tracing a neat line along the nose and cupid's bow, as well as for making those cheekbones pop. For more coverage, my old battered Collection concealer is always along for the ride, though I might be slightly too fair for the Cool Medium shade that I have (the only one left in pale, pale Irish Boots).

I recently discovered and fell in love with Uriage's lip balm, which is apparently the best-selling lip balm in South Korea at the moment and, as they know their shit when it comes to skincare, I had to have it. I'm very tough on my lips, I pull at and bite them when I'm nervous or thinking or bored, so I need a balm that delivers results. This one has had them consistently soft and happy since I started using it. For colour, I'm most partial to a "petal" look that is made up of a Missha x Line Friends tint in this pinky-red shade on the inner two-thirds of my lips and Benefit's berry-toned Benetint on the inner third for a gradiated, pretty look. If my lips feel too dry for the tints, I'll go for a quick swipe of this Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in the Cherry shade (C4, I think - it's so worn, it's hard to tell), which is a pretty pinky-red and is like a very moisturising lipstick/balm combo.

Finally, I carry around my favourite Jo Malone perfume in the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent, Urban Decay's Perversion mascara (perfect for fluttery, defined but natural-looking lashes) this pretty rose-coloured travel-size blush from Too Faced (in the shade Love Hangover) and an Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe pink single eyeshadow (in the shade PK005) for when I want to do a more complete make-up look. Why all the pink? Well, it's subtle and pretty, easily blended with my fingers, meaning I don't have to pack brushes, plus, I'm super obsessed with pink atm.

And these are the things that this beauty blogger really reaches for on a regular basis - as you can probably tell from the bashed, imperfect nature of them. But this isn't about picture-perfect, carefully posed reviews rather a reflection of the things I love and use to death.

















(The Urban Decay and Billion Dollar Brow products were press samples but I have not been paid to review them and all opinions are my own)


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