Saturday, 5 March 2016

Organic Surge - Organic, budget-friendly skincare

I normally wait at least two months before I review skincare items but, in the case of these products from Organic Surge, I probably could have posted a week into use.

There are lots of reasons to love the brand. It's organic, cruelty free and all of the products have fantastic ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and chamomile. Best of all, the prices range (largely) between eight and twenty euro, making the line rather kind to your wallet.

I was given three products to try out, one from the Dailycare line and two from the Extracare line; the Refreshing Face Wash and the Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Radiance Recovery Night Cream.

I was pretty delighted to get the face wash and cleanser as I was running low on cleansers. The face wash isn't anything earth-shattering but it smells lovely, cleanses nicely without you feeling as though every ounce of moisture has been stripped away and a little goes a really, really long way. At €8.98 (RRP), it's quite the steal. I haven't even put a dent in it after daily use for over a month. The other thing is, and this is the case with all the products I've tried, it has a pump for dispensing product which is handy and hygienic.

The hot cloth cleanser isn't something I use on a daily basis but I'm rather fond of it. It's thinner than most hot cloth cleansers I've tried, which are usually balms, and I personally prefer that as I feel like you never fully wash balms off of your face. It is also cheaper (RRP €18.03) than many products in this category and, I find, takes your make-up off quite effectively.

The night cream (RRP €29.08), unlike the previous two products, doesn't seem as giant or fantastically good value but this 50ml somehow stretches and its small size makes it nice and portable. You don't need an awful lot of product either as, though the consistency is quite thick, it easily spreads across, and melts into, the skin. I was impressed after the first time I used it as my skin immediately felt incredibly soft and looked bright and fresh. While it is as deeply moisturising as one would expect from a night cream, it is light enough to be worn during the day and make-up sits really nicely on top of it.

As I mentioned with the face wash, there isn't anything particularly earth-shattering going on in these products but, much as I love my innovations and gimmicks, good basics are what is important in skincare. All of these items smell lovely, are priced competitively, work well and come in sleek, well-designed packaging with handy pump dispensers.

I've consistently recommended this line to my friends and family since I began using it and have genuinely really enjoyed it since the first day I tried the night cream and cleansers. Available across the UK, in Allcare Pharmacies and online, it will be rolled out across more and more stores in Ireland in the coming months, so, keep an eye out!






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