Thursday, 31 March 2016

Manley S/S16

I've wanted to write about Manley S/S16 since the press release arrived in my inbox at the beginning of the month but between several events, work, life, two trips away for the weekend, Paddy's Day and Easter, I've been a little swamped and seemed to spend all of March trying to catch up with myself. Finally, I have managed to get a little more on top of things and can write about this really sweet collection!

Pretty, feminine, a little whimsical - but still cool - and very bright, it is a collection that screams spring and which had me immediately excited for warmer weather and less layers. Bright green, rich blue, bubblegum pink, white and bronze tones run through the collection in bold pops of colour that show Manley's willingness to experiment but remain true to her brand.

The entirety of the collection is inspired by the De Stijl art movement of the 20th century and displays a similar preference for bold geometric shapes, strong colour and a pared back aesthetic but combines it with Manley's characteristic playfulness. It also sees a variety of textures and fabrics, from silk to leather, all together to create interest in lieu of detail, which is sparse, save for the odd cute collar, ruffle or patch.

Overall, it's an exceptionally sweet collection that still has enough edge to make it cool - that pairs sporty and formal elements in a very fresh and decided way. As Ms Manley says of the collection herself, "The beauty is all in the detail with tantalising tonal combinations, sharp design and luxurious fabrics, made to be worn with stylish irreverence".



(All images courtesy of Manley)


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