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KollectionK Haull February 2016 - All the Korean beauty

KollectionK is my go-to for Korean skincare and make-up. They were the first company that I purchased from when I started getting into Korean beauty and, though I've had good experiences buying other sites, they remain my favourite. They put together an extensive, but more manageable, edit of products, the site itself is cute and pleasant to look at and browse, shipping costs are reasonable and things arrive relatively quickly compared to other sites I've tried.

As I've now tried everything I bought, I thought I'd do a haul with some mini-reviews, in case any of you guys were interested in trying the site or some of the items yourself.

First of all, I bought everything during a sale and a lot of it was half price so I got even more bang for my buck than usual - and that's saying something as the price-points of many Korean brands are more than competitive. As sales come around quite a bit (for Lunar New Year, Valentines etc) I'd recommend keeping your eyes peeled as it's always annoying to see something at half the price you paid for it! It's well worth signing up for their newsletter as they'll let you know whenever one of these sales are starting.


The purchase that I was most excited for was the Tony Moly Gold 24k Mask. It looks like a gold bar which is adorable and it costs around 30 quid for a tube. Single use gold masks can set you back more than that so I was eager to get those plumping effects for less. I've used it once and while the results were fine I've seen better with gold masks. Obviously the gold content is less as it is less expensive so it was never going to be as potent. I also used a relatively thin layer of mask so I may try being more liberal in the future. It's certainly a good intro to gold masks and better value but not the best I've seen so far. However, you really can't beat that value.



I also got another mask with gold and caviar from Apieu. Once again it's cute as - look at the bunny and the little sharks! This was really plumping and also moisturising (which my skin needs at the moment) and a great base for make-up. I looked so awake and well-rested after using it, despite that not being the case.


The last of the skincare bits was a charcoal chin mask from Etude House. I've tried this one before and as I had a chin-specific horrific hormonal breakout, it was very much necessary. No instant results but I felt the right kind of squeaky clean afterwards. Charcoal is great for cleaning so I wanted to incorporate it into my skin's recovery process.


The next product, the first of the make-up bits, is a revelation. Skin Food's Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake seems like lots of other eyebrow powder palettes but it's not. I almost didn't buy it because I have lots of brow products I LOVE. But this has instantly jumped to the top of the list. It comes with a little angled brush and two shades. I got the dusty browns with grey undertones and I don't know if it's the colours, formula or brush but they're magic. They fill in the brows in a single swipe but look natural and the brush grooms the hairs into place with ease. If you could only have one brow product to use, this would do all of the tricks. New holy grail item.



I watch quite a bit of Korean television and what I've noticed is that the make-up used for actresses there is no make-up make-up at its best. Dewy skin, the tiniest hint of blush, a gradiated lip, thin, expert, slightly winged eyeliner and, if you look closely enough, a tiny bit of pink eyeshadow. "Pink?!" you might exclaim, clutching your favourite palette of neutrals, "Why?!" I'll tell you why, it looks barely there but gives your eyes depth and dimension, allowing the liner to do all the talking and leave you looking like you woke up like this. This one, Etude House's Look at My Eye-Shadow in the shade PK005f does all of the above.


I've also come to really love my new Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof eyeliners in the shades 7 (silver) and 10 (brown). They really are waterproof and but the pencil somehow takes a moment to dry so you can fix errors will applying and they're also not too painful or difficult to remove. As the name suggests, they are jewel-like with glitter flecks that make them really pretty. The formula is nice and smooth and easy to work with and, surprisingly, doesn't make my eyes go red as many do. Cute, cheap and cheerful, these are great pencil liner options.


The eyeshadow and liners
The final bits I got were two items from Etude House's My Beauty Tool line - a ridiculously cute headband to keep my hair back when I do skincare and a facial hair removal tool. First off, I LOVE the headband. I don't even care if I look ridiculous. It pushes back all the little wisps of hair which normally escape and I think it's pretty damn cute. The facial hair remover is a little difficult to use and painful but I'm not sure I'm using it right...I'll give it a go again but it's not quite the revelation I was hoping it might be...




Have you guys tried Korean beauty products? I'd love to hear about it if you have!


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