Monday, 30 November 2015

Winter Lip Edit ¦ Lush, Urban Decay, Giorgio Armani, Stila, GloMinerals

Lip colours can be a bit tricky for me. As much as I love the corals, oranges and pretty pinks of Spring and Summer, my natural lip colour is so highly pigmented that lighter shades often don't settle right on my skin.

Which means winter is my time to shine.

I'm also normally rather loyal once I find a colour that I like but, for whatever reason, I've found lots of shades that I love this season. Some of these products are recent launches, others are new shades in pre-existing lines and one or two are just new to me but they're all rich, deep colours perfect for winter and, especially, the festive party season.


First up is my most recent acquisition which is already showing its worth. This is the Santa Baby Lip Tint (€8.25) from Lush. In their new tube format, instead of a tub, application is much, much easier. It's a lovely light, but bright, red that swatches sheerish on the hand but is a lovely, distinct shade on the lips. The name is adorable but its staying power is the real selling point here. I wore it the other day and it lasted through tea, coke, mulled wine, champagne, snacks and dinner over the course of five hours. It, obviously, wasn't as bright by the end, but it really held on for dear life. And, while it is a matte formula, it didn't dry out my lips. The only thing I'll say is that it is a little waxy when applying and drags a bit, so it could probably do with a tiny bit of warming in your hands or pocket before use. Still, a solid, long-lasting, cruelty-free, vegan, natural option at a mid-range price.


Next is the GloMinerals Cream Glaze Lip Crayon (£13.95) in the shade Jetset. This red is brighter still and a little more orange-toned. The staying power ain't got nothing on Lush but it is a serious joy to wear. It's pleasant on the lips, creamy, glides on smoothly and feels nourishing. Considering that it contains Vitamin C and E as well as mango oil and shea butter, it's no wonder that it feels almost as though you're wearing a lip balm. The colour is nice and universal and could be worn at any time of the year and deemed appropriate - though I don't necessarily adhere to "rules" when it comes to beauty and make-up and feel you should just do you anyways - which is also a bonus. An extra, extra bonus, however, is that the cap has a sharpener built in so you'll never have to go looking for one!





My current go-to lipstick is one of the new matte formula Revolution Lipsticks from Urban Decay in the shade Bad Blood (€19.00). I also have the 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil (€18.50) in the same shade which is also a fave. I do wear them together but very rarely. They're also not exactly the same colour but are both more berryish, deeper reds. The lipstick is matte and, again, applies a little waxy but actually doesn't drag too much and is really nice on the lips. Normally a matte lipstick would be impossible for me as my lips are constantly in bits (from my gross habit of biting at them when nervous or thinking) but this is beautiful on. The lip pencil is slightly lighter in shade and feels less intense. It is so creamy that I can also do a nice Korean-inspired gradiant lip with it which means I wear it a lot as that is a super subtle way of doing a red lip.









Leaving Urban Decay aside for a second, I'm turning to Giorgio Armani, I need to mention their Ecstasy Lacquer (€31.50) in the shade Night Berry. This is what I rocked on Hallowe'en as a vampire and which is a beautiful, vampy berry shade. It's so wonderfully A/W and somewhere between goth and sophisticated socialite. The technology behind this liquid lipstick/gloss hybrid means that it is SUPER pigmented, glossy and nourishing. It's really the best of all worlds.





Then we have the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($24.00) in Como. I love the colour. It's quite intense though, this very vibrant purple. It's different to the rest of this edit and a love/hate colour. Basically, your girlfriends will love it and guy friends, not so much...but who cares what they think right? It's a liquid lipstick in the truest sense and dries very matte. I don't enjoy the feeling of wearing this as much but it is so pigmented that you don't get the issues that matte-ness can sometimes cause.



Finally, I've been loving the Urban Decay Revolution glosses (€19.00). I have the shade Apocalypse, which I was given, and Big Bang, which I bought because I like a band of the same name - I'm aware that I'm a loser. Both shades are intense purplish colours and they apply that way because though these are glosses, they aren't overly sticky and gross and they are seriously pigmented. I'm not a gloss fan in general but these I keep coming back to. They need more careful application because they are so pigmented but once you've applied, you're bound to be happy with the results. I could genuinely buy the whole line - utterly in love.







So, that's my winter lip edit! Any you've tried? Thoughts? Any that you're interested in? I'd love to hear! And, keep an eye out as tomorrow something special is coming...#12DaysofGiftmas!

(The Urban Decay items - bar the Big Bang gloss - and Armani and GloMinerals lip products were all provided to me as press samples. However, all opinions expressed are my own.)


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