Friday, 2 October 2015

Review: MADES Hair Care

My hair is a pain sometimes. It's rather healthy, by-and-large, but it has its issues. Firstly, it's quite fine and naturally dead straight which isn't the best look - volume and movement are a must, in order to avoid flat helmety hair. And, secondly, the ends are coloured blonde and need care to ensure they don't become brassy or too dry.

When I was asked if I wanted to try out a new hair care line from a company called MADES, I had these particular concerns in mind and chose products accordingly, knowing my review would be thorough and uncompromising as I had expectations from the outset. I picked out the Radiant Blonde Colour Protect Shampoo - to add moisture to my ends and keep my blonde bright - and the Wonder Volume Blow Dry Bodifying Spray - for obvious reasons.

The range is labelled as a "masstige" line, meaning that it is affordable and mass produced but aims to deliver the quality one would expect of a much more expensive, premium line. Most products are around the nine euro mark so they are more expensive than some might normally be used to for hair care but are at a much more realistic price bracket for most people. It is also a professional brand which kind of warrants the larger spend than on drug-store level products.

Upon first use, the thing that I immediately noticed was the smell. The shampoo smells summery, like exotic fruits, but isn't sickening or synthetically sweet. It also has that indescribable but distinctive note of "salon" smell that gives a sense of luxury and treating yourself. So far, it's been keeping the brassiness out of my hair and I've been really enjoying the smell and using it. I also think the sleek, clean lines of the bottle with the bright, cute colours are a nice balance of chic and youthful which, again, makes the products seem more expensive and luxurious.

The spray, again, has that salon smell and really makes me feel as though I'm getting a blow dry done professionally even though I'm doing it myself. It does wonders for volume at the crown so I've been using it even when I don't blow dry my hair - which is nine times out of ten. The packaging is similarly slim, clean and cute but the real coup of this item is the spraying mechanism on top which delivers just the right amount of product, even at angles and with ease.

Overall, I'm quite impressed! Especially at the price bracket. I really recommend this line for anyone who likes luxury but can't quite afford to go too mental - especially if you have a lot of hair and run through shampoo quickly!

The line is available online and, in particular, from, is currently available from McCabes, Meaghers and Health Express pharmacies and is being rolled out in others across Ireland. So keep an eye out!










(These products have been sent to me as press samples. However, all opinions are my own.)


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