Friday, 30 October 2015

Lush Hallowe'en Purchases

Right off the bat, I'm going to admit to the fact that this isn't necessarily a collection of exclusively Hallowe'en themed Lush products. In fact, only one product is actually from their hallowe'en collection. I apologise for the lie, or half-truth, implied in the above title but what can you do? There was a sparkly pumpkin in the mix, how was that not going to end up grabbing the spotlight?

I digress.

Lush won't be new to, I imagine, a single one of you. However, as someone who is rather familiar with their whole line and who has developed very particular favourites and who has a lot of other (often much more expensive) products to compare them to, I thought I'd share a little edit of what I feel is worth buying at the moment.

Of the four items I purchased, two were regulars. These are the Tea Tree Toner Tabs and the Big Blue Bath Bomb. I'm sure I've harped on about the Toner Tabs plenty before but I can't reccommend them highly enough. Admittedly, I'm not sure if I've ever seen an outstanding immediate result from them - so don't expect that or from any product, really - but it's good to open up those pores and get right in there for a clean and refresh with some great essential oils. That aside, the smell and process of using them - you place a tab in a bowl of hot water and lean over the steam with a towel over your head, keeping that steaminess in, for a few minutes - is so relaxing and calming. I feel really refreshed and revived afterwards. At just over a euro, it's a steal because it's basically a home spa treatment for as much as a bar of chocolate.

Big Blue, meanwhile, is another relaxing delight. I love the smell, I love that the water goes uber-blue and that seaweed is released from inside it. It's good for your skin, leaving you feeling all soft and moisturised, makes you feel like a mermaid lounging around and it's always entertaining to see people's reactions to bits of seaweed floating around in the bath.

The Hallowe'en purchase was the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar which is, sadly, no longer for sale online but is probably still available in stores for at least a few more days. Again, the water goes a super-strong, fun colour (orange in this case) and the bubble bar smells great. Plus, it looks like a pumpkin and turns everything sparkly! Not so much fun when you get glitter all over everything in the store, great craic when you're hanging out in the bath.

Finally, I picked up the Damaged hot oil hair treatment. I'd never tried it before but with lightened ends, I'm wary of my hair becoming overly dry and thought it'd be a good idea to give this a whirl. The ingredients were the deciding factor with this one; almond, vanilla, avocado and olive oil. All things my hair was bound to like. Cue revitalised hair that wasn't just smooth and soft but had a surprising, and welcome, burst of volume and smelled damn good. I approve.

With the weather becoming colder and indoor heating and wind and rain all attacking our skin and hair. With the days become shorter and darker and a little bleaker. With the craziness of Christmas looming. It's all reason to take care of ourselves and manage our stress levels and if you don't have the time/finances/opportunities to head to the spa/salon/dermatologist Lush provides a relatively inexpensive and easy means to ensure we have access to some of that all-important self-care. These products are some that I think are just the trick (and treat) (I apologise) (for nothing).

Are any products from Lush key to ensuring your sanity/vanity?












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