Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Charli XCX x Boohoo

Charli XCX's collection for Boohoo pulls inspiration from the nineties, something we've seen a lot of in recent seasons all over the high street and runways alike. However, she specifically quotes punk feminist icons, Clueless and The Craft - two of my favourite movies from the decade - as particular influences.

There are elements of the collection that I adore; the styling, the accessories, the palette. I mean, I'm definitely getting one of the berets. I just can't decide on a colour yet or whether I should try and justify buying one in every shade...The super-clingy pieces in the collection, however, are less my thing. I like the Clueless-inspired clothes and quirky accessories but feel that there could have been more intensely Gothic pieces à la The Craft. This is merely a personal preference, but there it is.

Overall, though, the collection is exactly what Charli intended it to be; fun, cute and, at times, rather sexy. It certainly celebrates curves in a very fearless way that I have to admire, even if I don't dress that way myself. These are party clothes for going out and are the epitome of fun. And a lot of the artist herself is reflected in them. It seems genuine and as though Charli really put her heart into the collection and was really involved in the design process.

Plus, you don't get enough opportunities in life to wear faux fur stoles and cuffs, right?

The collection went on sale on Boohoo yesterday and prices begin at €7.00 for accessories, €14.00 for items of clothing and €40.00 for shoes.

Have any pieces stolen your hearts? Who else really needs to re-watch Clueless now?

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 1

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 2

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 3

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 4

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 10

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 14

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 7

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 8

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 11

CharliXCX for boohooo.com 13

(Images are the property of Boohoo and are used here with permission)


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