Monday, 7 September 2015

Skinlogic Salon Relaunch

(Note: This is a repost. I have no idea what happened to the original!)

Little did I know that there was an absolute gem right on my doorstep! Skinlogic in Naas, Co Kildare is just a wee trip from my family home and tucked into a pretty little oldschool shopping centre just off the town centre. The exterior doesn't hint at how impressive their facilities are at all. From leading skincare technology, to stocking arguably the best fake tan ever (TanOrganic) and a luxurious make-up brand I had yet to hear of, to a spa space that makes you feel as if you're in an entirely different country, the whole set-up is amazing.

When it comes to skincare, they offer facials, peels and Microdermabrasion, as one would expect, but also offer the latest in Microneedling technology. Mirconeedling, certainly in this incarnation (a precise pen rather than a roller), is not nearly so frightening as it sounds. The needles in question are tiny and, in most cases, there is no visible bleeding during or after the treatment. While bonier areas such as the forehead may be uncomfortable, the rest of the process across the face is little more than a pinch. The idea behind the therapy (coming from ancient Chinese principles and Korean technology) is that the body is tricked into thinking its being attacked, triggering regeneration of skin cells at a faster and more effective rate. This was the first thing I learned about as I walked in and I didn't run away - testament to the knowledgeable, kind and helpful staff at the salon! In fact, the more I heard, the more I was intrigued and wanted to try it myself.

After having a goo at where you can get manicures and pedicures - amazing range of shades btw - I was told a bit about gloMinerals, the make-up and skincare brand that they stock, use in-house and sell. Definitely a high-end brand, it seems worth the investment - particularly for the stunning lip crayons, which immediately stood out to me for their shades and smooth application, and the base products. Despite offering high coverage, the result is pretty and, importantly, skin-like. I can't stand foundation that looks caked on and this didn't at all.

Then I popped upstairs for a massage and a go on the flotation bed, both of which were so pleasant I kinda had a nap while people were milling around at the launch...The d├ęcor upstairs, the relaxation room and treatment rooms, low light and decorative elements really do remind of somewhere far off and sunny and are seriously luxurious. It's the perfect place to indulge in a massage and some all-important self-care.

However, the best part for me was how kind everyone was to my mother when she arrived to pick me up. Not only was it lovely to share a bit of what blogging is like with her (the parents find it hard to wrap their heads around the whole thing) but she got pulled right into the whole thing and is eager for us to pay another visit.

Thanks to Skinlogic for inviting me along! Do pop in if you're nearby, the bus service do from Dublin is regular and doesn't take very long and Naas is a rather pretty town if you feel like getting away from it all for a day.












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