Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Review: Yogandha Relax Body Oil

Oils as moisturisers can seem scary. Especially if you have naturally oily skin. But I have completely embraced the notion, particularly for the body. In fact, I rarely use lotions anymore and almost exclusively gravitate towards body oils.

Yogandha is an Irish company which produces body oils and roller ball fragrances. The idea behind the company is that they go hand-in-hand with yoga and mindfulness practices but can also be used as beauty products separately from this. The body oils moisturise the skin and the roller balls can be used as perfumes but both also act as immediate mood boosters as well.

I tried the Relax Body Oil (RRP €29.95) which is lavender and vetiver scented. Now, lavender scents are always a gamble for me as I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them. I either find them the best and most relaxing smells in the world or rather over-powering. In this case, it's rather strong but not quite so much that I can't enjoy the product - because I cannot make myself use a beauty product that smells unpleasant. However, this bordering-on-too-much smell is completely compensated for by how lovely the oil feels on the skin. It's ultra-moisturising without leaving you feeling too slick and the ingredients seem to soak into all the tension I carry. If I want a really good night's sleep, this is part of my wind down routine. And I'm always going to recommend something that helps sleeping.

The packaging is great, as well. I like that it's plastic as many oils come in glass bottles that I've had trouble with in the past. Another plus is the pump which makes it easy to use when you're going in for more product but your hands are already oily. The actual design (of both bottle and box), as well, is clean, pretty and suggests the ethical and ideological stances of the brand without being twee or vaguely costumey and problematic. In fact, they've won awards for said design.

And speaking of ethical stances, these are yet another reason to love the brand. The products are natural, vegan, free of synthetic fragrances and artificial colours, sulfates, parabens and phthalates. They are cruelty free. The boxes are 100% recycled and made in a carbon neutral facility and are compostable. Furthermore, 5% of their profits goes to Women for Women International.

Admirable stuff! Yogandha is available in Avoca, Liberty, Colette, Harvey Nichols, Anthropologie and Ahlens as well as online and I recommend giving their stuff a go and supporting such an amazing young Irish brand.









(I was given a discount code to purchase and review this product but all opinions are my own)


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